Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude Cognac

Leopold Gourmel Cognac

This VSOP is a strictly biological Cognac, comes from the Fin Bois growth area. No additives, no caramel, no chemical products.

Cognac age:
Growth area:
Fins Bois
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Tasting Notes

In the nose: Flowers, some more mature fruity notes. In the mouth balanced, some butter hints, the finish is correct and very influenced by the Fins Bois soil notes.

This cognac house has always relied on natural processes. From growing the grapes to picking, maturing, distilling, aging and bottling them, Gourmel cognac is free of any chemicals, pesticides or additives to enhance color in respect of nature and the final product. The philosophy of the company is to concentrate on quality not quantity, which means that one year the outcome may be higher than in others. This is further shown by the radical decision to produce only pure vintage cognacs, so there is no blending of different years in order to create VS, VSOP or XO cognacs for instance. To go with this authentic approach, the design of Gourmel is simple and modern.

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Max 2012-10-19

Just tried! Reserved nose, fresh and young - in the mouth rather full, and hey, the finish is really round, some honey notes in the end. The price is at €35, an organic cognac, that's good value for money.

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Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude

Léopold Gourmel VSOP Bio Attitude

In the nose: Flowers, some more mature fruity notes. In the mouth balanced, some butter hints, the finish is correct and very influenced by the Fins Bois soil notes.

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