Landy Désir Cognac

Landy Cognac

Landy Désir Cognac come in a feminine red dress decanter package, the bottle looks like a women with a red hat. In the US, this cognac is promoted, among other Landy cognacs, by US musician Snoop Dogg.

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Cognac Landy is part of the larger company Cognac Ferrand. This relatively new house, which was established in 1989, was a collaboration between Alexandre Gabriel and a traditional wine growing family in the Charente. Thus, Cognac Ferrand, and therefore Cognac Landy too, was created with the philosophy of bringing new life back into the industry and production of cognac. Because of this, Cognac Landy is produced in the age old fashion without utilizing mass production techniques.

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sharon 2013-09-26

I would love to have the Landy Desir Cognac. Do you know where I can buy one in St Louis, Mo? Thank you.

    MARVIN 2012-01-26

    That bottle is down right sexy....nice

      David Steel 2012-01-15

      This bottle is a hit with every woman that sees it on my bar shelf. Bravo to Landy for this creative, artful bottle !!!!!!----oh, and the cognac is great too.

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        Landy Désir

        Landy Désir

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