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Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition 2016 No. 7 by Carnovsky Cognac

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Hennessy Cognac
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Nose: Sweet vanilla and cinnamon essence beautifully balanced with candied fruits.

Palate: Decadent introduction with vanilla, followed by favourable elements of French Oak. Soft and smooth touch throughout.

Growth area & soil: Blend

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Hennessy VSOP Privilege Limited Edition 2016 No. 7 by Carnovsky Cognac

A limited edition of Hennessy's VSOP (Very special old pale), the No. 7 is probably one of the smoothest VSOPs in the world. Typical of Hennessey’s range of uber-trendy products, this unique edition offers a splash of contemporary chic to a traditional Cognac. Boasting an enticing rarity, the 2016 Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition bottle has a limited supply and will only be available as they last. Expected to sell out at a higher rate, it is a selection that shouldn’t be missed.

The unique set is designed by CARNOVSKY, an Italian due-based in Milan with expressive artistic talent. Made up of artists Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, its creations first grabbed the world’s attention in 2006, with the “RGB Project”. Using a digital technique, the world’s primary colors are combined with 17th Century illustrations to create the unique expression presented on this version of the Hennessy VSOP.

Presentation of the bottle

The unique vision of CARNOVSKY comes to life on the box itself and the label of the Hennessy VSOP. A bold splash of color on a black, stylish box offers a bold, memorable edge. In each V.S.O.P Privilège Limited Edition gift box, customers will find an illustrated leaflet and colored filters to enhance their appreciation of the Carnovsky concept for Hennessy, with an invite to craft their own RGB symbol on Each symbol is crafted by CARNOVSKY using patterns related to the user’s personal identity. A truly remarkable addition to an already exceptional Cognac.

How to enjoy

To capture the unique essence of this Cognac, it should be enjoyed neat or on the rocks to savor the full flavor. It also offers a flirtatious flair to any cocktail it features.

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About Hennessy Cognac

You may think, that with Hennessy’s ability to innovate and push boundaries, they are a thoroughly ‘modern’ Cognac brand. This is a large part of their immense success and influence. The very French brand based in the Charente region, in fact, dates all the way back to 1765 - to Ireland - but have managed to shapeshift enough times to remain more relevant than ever before - with current Master Blender Renaud Fillioux. Their range of uber-trendy products is ever expanding, and their marketing campaigns all the more captivating. There is no doubt that ‘Henny’ culture is alive and kicking: both Cognac and a fifth of Hennessy are mentioned in what seems like hundreds of songs. 

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