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Nose: Fragrances of lemon and citrus.

Palate: The dominance of the Fins Bois cru is definitely part of the tasting experience. Enjoy notes dry almond, hints of spices, and honey tones.

Eye: A golden, honey-ish hue. 

Growth area & soil: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


A VSOP Fine Blend

Hennessy Fine de Cognac is a youngish concoction of eaux-de-vie presented in a stunning decanter and presentation sleeve. It is a VSOP Cognac, also known as a ‘Very Special Old Pale’ quality, which means that it is a truly versatile bottle to own. Aged in Charentais oak barrels, this youthful blend is considered to result in a more delicate and well rounded Cognac.

Hennessy, the masters at producing Cognac, have aimed this at the younger generation—those who perhaps like to be experimental when drinking Cognac. This VSOP represents excellent value for money. The Hennessy Fine de Cognac truly is a good staple to include in your cabinet.

It can be enjoyed in many ways, including as a digestif, or perhaps as that extra-special ingredient in your favorite cocktail. Expert mixologists have gone as far as to mix the Fine de Cognac to create a cocktail fusion with a selection of delicate teas. Or why not try it over ice for a different taste experience? This Fine de Cognac provides an excellent alternative to the Hennessy Pure White if you’re looking for something a little different.

A truly unique blend, the Fine de Cognac achieves an aromatic harmony from over 60 different eaux-de-vie in one bottle alone. Dipping its toes into four cru zones in the Cognac region, it is a result of several eaux-de-vie maturing together from the Borderies, Fins Bois, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne terroirs of the Cognac region. Such a diverse and wide-spanning growth area means that it has a variety of notes from the mixture of younger and older eaux-de-vie coming together.

Alongside the Fine de Cognac original edition created in 2002, there is the Hennessy 'The Fine Mix’ Limited Edition Fine de Cognac.

The origins of the Fine de Cognac

The origins of Hennessy Jas (et Cie) date back to 1765 when the company was first established by Irishman Richard Hennessy. This brand, which is one of the world’s most noted Cognac producers, has continued to grow exponentially in terms of quality and reputation. It began as an eaux-de-vie trading business, and from early on showed clear signs that it was going to become the most successful worldwide exporter of Cognac. It forms part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group today and continues to push the boundaries in terms of contemporary innovation with its refreshing collaborations with various markets. Most notable are its collaborations with the US hip hop music scene. The estate and headquarters themselves are based in the homonymous town of Cognac in Charente, France.

Find out more about VSOP Cognac.

About Hennessy Cognac

You may think, that with Hennessy’s ability to innovate and push boundaries, they are a thoroughly ‘modern’ Cognac brand. This is a large part of their immense success and influence. The very French brand based in the Charente region, in fact, dates all the way back to 1765 - to Ireland - but have managed to shapeshift enough times to remain more relevant than ever before - with current Master Blender Renaud Fillioux. Their range of uber-trendy products is ever expanding, and their marketing campaigns all the more captivating. There is no doubt that ‘Henny’ culture is alive and kicking: both Cognac and a fifth of Hennessy are mentioned in what seems like hundreds of songs. 

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