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DUssé Cognac

D'Ussé Cognac is a VSOP from the house of Chateau de Cognac, the makers of Baron Otard. Both brands belong to drinks giant Bacardi. It costs $49.99 but where can you buy D'Ussé? Probably only in the US. The bottle looks quite cool: Very tound, a simple cork, no label on the cork... and a gold-double-cross on the front. Very royal, an interesting mix of medieval, bourgeois and somehow a bit rough.

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D'Ussé Cognac is the new cognac by Chateau de Cognac, that also produces Baron Otard. Both brands belong to Bacardi, like Grey Goose, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky and Bombay Sapphire Gin. The first cognac of D'Ussé is a VSOP

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Ken Saveth 2012-09-05

Oh well. Some things are worth the wait (I hope).

    Max at Cognac-Expert 2012-09-05

    Hi Ken, everyone. We tasted D'Ussé last week at the Chateau de Cognac, in Cognac (of course).. and we were told that D'Usse is right now only available in NYC, and will probably make its way down the east coast first.. then a roll out later in other states where you then can buy D'Usse VSOP. Oklahoma must wait I am afraid..

      Ken 2012-09-05

      Dear Cognac Expert; I live in Oklahoma & many liquors are difficult if not impossible to find here. Many times they can be found in surrounding states such as Arkansas, Missouri or Texas. Are you aware of WHERE I can pick up a bottle of D-Usse VSOP Cognac anywhere near Tulsa, Oklahoma?

        serge 2012-06-14

        WHERE I CAN BUY IN NJ__?

          Erik 2012-05-11

          Where can I purchase Dusse cognac? If it's good for Jay-Z, it's good for me! Thanks for letting me know, would like to buy two bottles, California.

            Marc 2012-05-10

            This looks great! I love that cognac Dusse.. it looks like it comes directly out of the cellar of a french castle. Knights and so... so want to try it! When does it come (back) to Europe, and where can I buy Dusse in the US?

              Floyd 2012-05-09

              we'll have to see....presentation dont mean much to me.....the taste and the buzz will tell

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                D'Ussé VSOP

                D'Ussé VSOP

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