Chateau de Beaulon 7 Years Old Cognac

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Chateau de Beaulon Cognac

Chateau de Beaulon 7 Ans d'Age (7 years old) is a VSOP cognac that consists of eaux-de-vies that have all been aged for, as the name suggest, 7 years...  This is a Folle Blanche grape product grown in the Fins Bois terroir.

A lovely amber color, with glints of warm gold, this is a fruity, balanced and round cognac with a depth of character rarely found in a cognac this age.  

It was awarded the Silver Medal, Mondial Brussels 2001 and the Silver Trophy, Olympiades Vinexpo 2001.

Cognac age:
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Fins Bois
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Q&A for Chateau de Beaulon 7 Years Old

Light, crisp, clean

Branko Bibic 2015-04-13

One of the top VSOPs, blows the major brands out of the water. It feels like I just brushed my teeth after drinking this great value product. Highly recommended. Enjoy

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    Chateau de Beaulon 7 Years Old

    Chateau de Beaulon 7 Years Old

    No tasting review available

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