Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne Cognac

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Remy Martin Cognac

Rémy Martin VS isn't distributed everywhere, and it used to be called "Grand Cru". Rémy Martin's Very Special is a pure Petite Champagne blend. It's highly mixable and great for cocktails. The eaux-de-vie that make up this VS blend were aged twice as long as required by the Cognac rules, many producers do that in order to present high quality products. The bottle was recently re-introduced to the Australian market.

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Petite Champagne
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Tasting Notes

On the nose some fresh green and yellow fruits, a hint of vanilla.

Q&A for Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne


Richard E Moulden Jr 2017-02-02

This is by far the best I don't know why it's so hard to find Please make it available. I'm sure there are a lots of people looking for this special Brand REMY MARTIN V S


    terricarney50@gmail.com 2015-12-15

    Please make this brand available somewhere and let me know how to get it.


      Laymon calloway 2015-06-26

      why is this product not available ? people are willing to pay for it.

        Whit 2012-04-06

        I would say that this cognac, when you take the first sip at room temperature, has a nose that's primarily apple - both fruit and blossom. As you continue to sip, and the glass warms from your hand, the nose changes to pear, then bananna. I would describe the taste as cherries and honey.

          mamzell bleu 2011-12-22

          I was lucky enough to just get a Christmas present of this lovely cognac. It is lovely on it's own, and I am enjoying a glass of it in bed. Looking forward to making Brandy Butter with it on Christmas Day for my Plum Duff

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            Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne

            Rémy Martin VS Petite Champagne

            On the nose some fresh green and yellow fruits, a hint of vanilla.

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