Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru Cognac

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Frapin Cognac

Frapins VS Cognac is a 100% Grande Champgne product, the youngest blend from the cognac house.
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Grande Champagne
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Tasting Notes
On the nose: Some slight sweet aromas, on the mouth: A strong length, pleasant and pretty balanced.
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Q&A for Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

Shantanu Nafrey 2012-09-09

I had never heard of this Cognac, but just three days ago at a party I had thrown for close friends, someone asked for a Cognac and the restaurant had no other but a bottle of "Frapin" VS Premier Grand Cru. A bit hesitant, but not having any choice, I asked them to serve it and lo and behold it turned out to be a fantastic Cognac. Smooth on the palate, with wonderful sweet aromas and silky smooth finish. I guess in my next duty free shopping I am going to pick up a bottle of 'Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru' for sure !

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    Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

    Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

    On the nose: Some slight sweet aromas, on the mouth: A strong length, pleasant and pretty balanced.
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