Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru Cognac

Frapin Cognac

Frapins VS Cognac is a 100% Grande Champgne product, the youngest blend from the cognac house.

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Grande Champagne
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Tasting Notes
On the nose: Some slight sweet aromas, on the mouth: A strong length, pleasant and pretty balanced.

The Frapin family has been around the Southwest of France since 1270. Always active in the domain of winegrowing, they specialized in distillation much later on and have since continued to stand strong throughout twenty generations! The estate owns 300 hectares of land entirely in the Grande Champagne area, of which 200 are planted with vines. Frapin’s home in the beautiful caste Fontpinot in the town of Segonzac. The most famous family member was the 16th century author Francois Rabelais, after whom a prestigious Frapin cognac bottle is named: The Cuvee Rabelais. Like some other cognac houses, Frapin needs to extend business through diversifying into other luxury products such as chocolate or coffee. Frapin was the first cognac producer to invent a multi-vintage blend, combining vintages of different years to create the perfect taste.

1 reviews for Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

Shantanu Nafrey 2012-09-09

I had never heard of this Cognac, but just three days ago at a party I had thrown for close friends, someone asked for a Cognac and the restaurant had no other but a bottle of "Frapin" VS Premier Grand Cru. A bit hesitant, but not having any choice, I asked them to serve it and lo and behold it turned out to be a fantastic Cognac. Smooth on the palate, with wonderful sweet aromas and silky smooth finish. I guess in my next duty free shopping I am going to pick up a bottle of 'Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru' for sure !

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    Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

    Frapin VS Premier Grand Cru

    On the nose: Some slight sweet aromas, on the mouth: A strong length, pleasant and pretty balanced.
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