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Frédéric Mestreau VS De Luxe Cognac

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Mestreau Cognac

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Frédéric Mestreau VS De Luxe Cognac: a Passion for Heritage

Now based in the town of Saintes, Frédéric Mestreau Cognac was a lost brand until its resurrection by Guilhem Grosperrin. The House of Frédéric Mestreau was initially founded in 1808, and this small producer continued to make Cognac up until 1919, when it shut down - seemingly forever. However, almost a century later, Grosperrin was presented with an opportunity to purchase 250 bottles of from the personal collection of Abel Mestreau, comprising eaux-de-vie from the early 19th Century when the maison was first founded. Grosperrin was so impressed that he decided to bring this outstanding brand back. The Frédéric Mestreau VS De Luxe Cognac is a wonderful young release: it has been aged for a minimum of two years and comes in a stunning bottle accompanied by a gilded gift box. 

The company's roots remain firmly in the history of Cognac making, creating classic expressions made in traditional ways. Caramel color or sugar are never added are aged, and the eaux-de-vie are matured in their original casks where possible. The result is intended to hark back to times long gone, showing true heritage and respect for Cognac production. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The Frédéric Mestreau VS comes in a straight-sided bottle with an angled punt, cork stopper and a classic label outlining the product details. Complete with an elegant gift box, this stylish Cognac can certainly take pride of place in any liquor cabinet.

Serving Suggestion for Frédéric Mestreau VS De Luxe Cognac

While this young organic Cognac would be great served neat in a tulip glass, or with a lump of ice, we also think it would make a great base for a Cognac Old Fashioned. Why not try substituting it for whisky in a range of classic cocktails and discover something new. 

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About Mestreau Cognac

Founded in 1808, Frédéric Mestreau is an important brand in the world of Cognac. It, unfortunately, as many do, fell by the wayside in 1919 and has since remained dormant. All that has changed in recent years, thanks to a recent purchase of Cognac Mestreau made by Guilhem Grosperrin, a man who is well versed in buying older, rare bottles from the most remote of corners in the region, and reselling them to Cognac lovers everywhere.

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