Conjure Cognac

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Conjure Cognac

Ludacris Conjure Cognac is a contemporary cooperation between US American Musician Ludacris and the 120 years old cognac house Birkedal Hartmann. Ludacris was involved in developing the blend and its brand. Officially this Cognac is a VS but older eaux-de-vie are used for the blend: between 2 and about 45 years. The bottle design is quite nice, one must say. Take a closer look.

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Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, Grande Champagne, Borderies
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Tasting Notes

The colour is dark copper. The palate rather soft fruity notes, some sweet hints and a slightly sharp punch. The final is strong.

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Q&A for Conjure


Mark Lea 2016-01-24

I prefer Utopia, made by, believe it or not, Samuel Adams! Check it out!


    April Quicksey 2015-08-06

    This cognac was in my opinion was the better cognac between Hennessey
    I don't know why Alabama or Georgia no longer sale this liquor. It was very nice. Does anyone have the reason why I can't find it in the 4 surrounding states of Alabama?

      Whit 2012-04-16

      This cognac doesn't give me a very pronounced nose, I would call it a faint hint of dark woods. The taste is robust and masculine, warm buttered bread with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. Not at all delicate, either in taste or in aroma, but not harsh like the VS age products of some of the big name houses.

        John 2012-01-08

        I still think that conjure acutally is better than Hennessy Black! First of all, the packaging is cooler - and doesn't sell the 'afro-american' targeting that much in your face and secondly, Hennessy Black just doesn't taste as good as Conjure Cognac when you drink it neat. Hell yeah. that's my opinion when it comes down to comparing those two.

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          The colour is dark copper. The palate rather soft fruity notes, some sweet hints and a slightly sharp punch. The final is strong.

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