André Petit VS *** Cognac

André Petit Cognac

The André Petit VS *** Cognac is a wonderfully vibrant young Cognac from this family run house.  Brush off any  misconceptions you might have about a VS quality, this one has been aged for around 4 year, and despite its youth it shows extreme maturity and balance for its age.

This is a wonderful staple Cognac to own.  It represents great value for money, and can be enjoyed in many ways.  Drink neat as an aperitif to enjoy the wonders of a young-eaux-de-vie.  Or add some ice, or perhaps your favorite mixer to create a smooth long drink to enjoy on a hot day.  It's also really well suited to cocktails, one that will appeal to many who like the substance of a Cognac as the base.  All in all, an excellent Cognac to have in your drinks repertoire.

Cognac age:
Growth area:
Fins Bois
Bottle size:
Age (maximum):
4 years

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Tasting Notes

Tasting review: Some floral aroma, and a good note of wood. May be mixed in a cocktail.

This small family-run cognac producer from Berneuil insists that their cognac is not merely of standard quality. This can be validated by the fact that the Petit family works with traditional methods handed down form their grandparents and harvest the grapes manually. This is almost extinct in the cognac industry due to growing demand and the production of high quantities. André Petit came to some sort of fame in the industry by stopping their contract with Hennessy in the 1960s and deciding to produce themselves. Like many small producers from the Cognac region, they also specialize in the making of Pineau des Charentes.  

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André Petit VS ***

André Petit VS ***

Tasting review: Some floral aroma, and a good note of wood. May be mixed in a cocktail.

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