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Eye: Crystalline, clear and clean.

Nose: Floral and fresh.

Palate: Crisp and clean, round and rich, a light minerality thanks to the natural Grande Champagne spring water used in its production.


100% French charm, sample the crisp and clean Ice One Baron Vodka, one of the purest vodkas on the market

One of the more atypical exports from Grande Champagne, the Ice One vodka from FJ Baron incorporates all of the craftsmanship from the Cognac world to create a pure and fresh new product that showcases why the French are so skilled in spirit production.

The vodka is produced using 100% French Beauce wheat and spring water from the Grande Champagne cru, the water has been naturally filtered through the limestone, sedimentary layers of the region's rocks making it the ideal ingredient for reducing spirits, as any Cognac Expert would know!

The vodka is in its purest natural form, with no sugar or artificial aromas added and is delightfully 100% gluten free. The vodka follows the rule of fives, 5 times distilled, 5 times reduced and 5 times filtered, to ensure a clear and crisp sipping experience that is simultaneously smooth and strong.

The quintuple distillation process allows the vodka's natural aromas to develop and concentrate without affecting flavors and preserving its premium quality.

Its reduction to 40%, using natural premier cru spring water, produces a "fresher" feel to the vodka, these several stages especially respect the floral notes that develop during the ester formation. Finally, the vodka is filtered 5 times, removing any impurities that may affect the taste or smell, rendering it one of the purest vodkas on the market with a round, elegant, rich and powerful flavor profile.

Aside from major brands like Ciroc, it's rare to find a local French vodka of such quality, and the masters at FJ Baron have went to great lengths to ensure the vodka maintains its French charm. Using 100% French ingredients, all production takes place locally, ensuring complete quality control throughout each step of the creative process.


1001 Degustations - Gold Medal 2014

1001 Degustations - Gold Medal 2016

1001 Degustations - Gold Medal 2017

How to Enjoy:

As a pure, natural and fresh vodka, it can be enjoyed alone in a tulip tasting glass, preferably chilled or with a single ice cube. Thanks to its floral notes, it also lends itself well as an ingredient in a cocktail. Why not try it in the springtime in an elderflower martini?

  • 1 freshly squeezed lemon
  • 1/2 freshly squeezed lime
  • 1 fl. oz simple syrup
  • 2 fl. oz Ice One Baron Vodka
  • 1 fl. oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Shake all of the ingredients before double straining into a martini glass, garnish with a thick lemon zest or lime wedge, if you're feeling fancy why not float an edible flower on the top? It'll certainly accentuate the floral notes of the Ice One Baron vodka.

Presentation of the Bottle:

The Ice One Baron Vodka bottle is sleek and sexy, its cool blue color further reinforces the “fresh” feel and acts as a subtle nod to the natural spring water used in its reduction.

The French tricolor flag takes pride place on the front of the bottle and its sharp edges perfectly frame the premium product stored within. The locally produced bottle is both elegant and festive, and when displayed under a blacklight various elements of the design are highlighted, it'll make a wonderful edition to any bar shelf.

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