Prunier 1980 Vintage Petite Champagne Cognac

Prunier Cognac

Prunier 1980 Vintage Petite Champagne is a Millésime cognac, at 54.8° ABV.  It was distilled in 1980, and the edition is limited to 625 bottles in total (each 70cl). The bottling took place in May 2011 (so the purchaser canr really understand exactly how long the cognac remained in the ageing barrel).

The whole process, from distillation and aging right through to the bottling process, has been carried out in a bonded warehouse for authenticity.  As it's name suggests. each eaux-de-vie used in the blend is from the Petite Champagne region of Cognac.

A delightful, bright brown color, the nose is powerful, dominated by truffles, liquorice, and blond tobacco.  On the palate it has a fine, gentle beginning, before power kicks in - enjoy the wonderfl tones of fresh nuts and liquorice, before enjoing a truly lengthy finish.

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Petite Champagne
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Steeped in tradition, Cognac Prunier is a family run firm with cellars in the heart of the town of Cognac. The house does not own its own vineyards, instead, they buy the eaux-de-vie directly from supplying vine growers and distillers each year, and then carry out the ageing process in their own cellars.

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Prunier 1980 Vintage Petite Champagne

Prunier 1980 Vintage Petite Champagne

No tasting notes available.

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