Jon Bertelsen Vintage 1972 Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Vintage is a Cognac from 1972, its Ugni Blanc grapes came from the growth area of Petite Champagne, a terroir that is dominated by chalk and clay. This cognac has aged in french oak barrels since the mid 70s. This Cognac is made without any additives, like sugar, oakextract or caramel E150.

Cognac age:
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Petite Champagne
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Jon Bertelsen Cognac is a young modern cognac founded in 1999, which has at its core philosophy to stay true to nature's gifts and qualities. It is produced without additives or chillfiltration, using organic grapes from the Fins Bois region. Each vintage is kept pure and never gets blended, respecting every year's harvest and its weather conditions. Jon Bertelsen's secret is the quality of the wine, which, thanks to its extremely deep roots is very strong in aroma and character. The wine allows the cognac house to produce an exquisite cognac, ranging from a VSOP to vintage bottles.

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Jon Bertelsen Vintage 1972

Jon Bertelsen Vintage 1972

The colour deeper, brown & golden. Strong nose of fruit and some slight citrus, sweetness and wood. The finish is long, some spices. A full body.

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