Duquai Fins Bois 1975 Cognac

Duquai Cognac

Duquai Fins Bois 1975 Cognac delights with a clear, amber color and a nose of honeysuckle and acacia.  As the name suggests, this is a cognac from the year 1975, and created solely from eaux-de-vies from the Fins Bois terroir of Cognac.

A wonderful cognac to enjoy with close friends and family, and certainly one that will appeal to the cognac connoisseur...

Cognac age:
Growth area:
Fins Bois
Bottle size:
Age (maximum):
50 years

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Sverre Braastad, the grandfather of Philip Braastad Tiffon - today's cellar master - left his native Norway to settle in the Charente region of France.  Here he created the cognac house of Tiffon Médéric, and began selling his cognacs to the northern European markets. 

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Duquai Fins Bois 1975

Duquai Fins Bois 1975

No tasting review available.