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Dobbé Vintage 1967 Cognac

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Petite Champagne

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Dobbe Cognac

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Eye: Amber with flashes of copper.

Nose: Sensual hints of vanilla, caramel and iris. 

Palate: A perfect harmony of woody notes, leather and candied fruit, brightened by just a hint of freshly pressed white grapes. 

Growth area & soil: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Dobbé 1967 Vintage: The Connoisseur’s Choice 

The Dobbé Millésime 1967 Cognac is an exceptionally rare release; the house of Dobbé has only produced a total of 200 bottles of this vintage, bottled and numbered by hand on the estate. This vintage blend comprises eaux-de-vie made from only the highest quality grapes harvested in Grande Champagne - the most prestigious terroir of the Cognac region, also known as the Premier Cru. The Ugni Blanc grapes for this release Cognac were harvested in a single year, making this a fabulous snapshot of the Grande Champagne region in a time gone by. 

To fully express the flavor of this vintage, it has not been chill-filtered, allowing more complex aromas and a rich mouthfeel to develop on the palate. Bottled at 41.5% ABV, this is a fantastically smooth and aromatic Cognac that carries every year with elegance and aplomb.  

The house of Dobbé Cognac is recognized for its strong values, constantly guided by generations of people who respect the land. Under the watchful eye of Michel Dobbé - a descendant of the founder - and his wife, this family have successfully combined traditional techniques with modern technology to develop the outstanding charm and quality of Dobbé Cognac.

Presentation of The Bottle

Dobbé Vintage 1967 Cognac comes in a tall, classic bottle with the individual bottle number clearly labelled on the front. A handmade French wooden gift box and gold plaque complete the package. 

How To Serve Dobbé Vintage 1967 Cognac

This outstanding vintage Cognac is best enjoyed in a slim tulip glass. To lower the alcohol percentage slightly, a small dash of water may be added. 

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About Dobbe Cognac

Dobbé is a well-renowned, family-run Cognac producer in its 10th generation. With a rich history stretching back to the late 1700s, the Dobbé family have remained true to the original passion and savoir-faire of their ancestors for centuries. Predominantly situated in the prestigious Petite Champagne cru of Cognac, today the brand is credited for their exceptional quality Cognacs that are exported all around the world.

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