Bache Gabrielsen 1973 Single Estate Cognac

Bache Gabrielsen Cognac

This Bache Gabrielsen is a Vintage from 1973, a pure Petite Champagne blend. It's price is at 500€ and the bottle is a 0,35 liter one. The grape variety is Ugni Blanc. The grapes come exclusively from the wine producer M. Laidets, from a 6-acre property close to the village of Sainte Seurin the Palenne. So in addition to vintage, it's also a Single Estate cognac.

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Petite Champagne
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Review and tasting notes of Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 .. below.

Bache-Gabrielsen is a medium-sized family-run cognac house with an international history. The cognac house is looking forward to its upcoming 100th anniversary, with the creation of the company in 1905. With its clean design, Bache-Gabrielsen takes an important position in the cognac market, exporting mainly to Scandinavian countries. Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, the fourth generation head of the company, is well aware that the cognac industry is undergoing changes, with the international market being heavily developed and marketing strategies refined to cater a younger, trendier consumer-base. Considering the size of the business in comparison to the big cognac houses, it is surprising to find out that it holds the market leadership in cognac sales in Norway!

8 reviews for Bache Gabrielsen 1973 Single Estate

Knut 2012-05-18

Actually Max, 500€ for this bottle, is higway robbery, I paid 52€ for this Cognac in Norway, and I've ordered 2 more bottles for the same price (52€ for each bottle)So for the price of 500€, someone are making a shitload of money.

    Max 2012-05-14

    Knut, actually this cognac is reaaaaally good. The price of 500€ is probably justified.

      Knut 2012-05-13

      Is this price for real????500€ for 0.35 litre?

        Andrew 2011-12-12

        Kerosene? If you get the flavor out of the cognac, then yes! Go drink Braastad VS the rest of your life.

          Vidar 2011-12-12

          Tastes like kerosene, try Braastad and live life

            John 2011-12-11

            I had this at my wedding this summer. It was really great. I have another bottle for my 90th birthday. Than it would be 96yrs old.

              Olaf 2011-12-11

              totally agreed. this one is a bomb. totally in my top 5 best vintage cognacs i've ever had.

                Max 2011-12-11

                Wow. This is one of the best cognacs I've ever had. It has the perfect balance, a bit masculine, but very round on the palate - great finish. A masterpiece.

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                  Bache Gabrielsen 1973 Single Estate

                  Bache Gabrielsen 1973 Single Estate

                  Review and tasting notes of Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 .. below.
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