Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 Petite Champagne Cognac

Bache Gabrielsen Cognac

The Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 Petite Champagne Cognac is a wonderful, strictly limited release, of a great vintage year harvest.   Made from the fruits of Petite Champagne, this rustic, fruity Cognac has been allowed to naturally mature to an alcoholic content of 45 ° - making it powerful yet balanced, characteristic, and well-rounded.

This 35cl bottle is in the traditional Cognac style, with the clean no-nonsense, contemporary labeling that we've become accustomed to with Bache Gabrielsen.  The Cognac itself willd delight any connoisseur - a superb digestif to enjoy neat.  Or, for the advenurous, add a block of ice to gently alter the tasting sensation.  

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Petite Champagne
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Bache-Gabrielsen is a medium-sized family-run cognac house with an international history. The cognac house is looking forward to its upcoming 100th anniversary, with the creation of the company in 1905. With its clean design, Bache-Gabrielsen takes an important position in the cognac market, exporting mainly to Scandinavian countries. Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, the fourth generation head of the company, is well aware that the cognac industry is undergoing changes, with the international market being heavily developed and marketing strategies refined to cater a younger, trendier consumer-base. Considering the size of the business in comparison to the big cognac houses, it is surprising to find out that it holds the market leadership in cognac sales in Norway!

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Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 Petite Champagne

Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1973 Petite Champagne

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