Sazerac de Forge & Fils Finest Original Cognac

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Eye: Deep amber.

Nose: Complex aroma with plenty of yellow stone fruits, dried flowers, citrus peel and a hint of warm spice.

Palate: Silky, creamy texture bursting with notes of dried fruit, nutmeg and cinnamon. The finish brings some soft, oaky tannins as well as vanilla and black peppercorn.  

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Sazerac de Forge & Fils Finest Original Cognac: a Rare Glimpse Into the Past

Named to honor the roots of the Sazerac company, this release was created to celebrate the company’s acquisition of Domaine Sazerac de Segonzac in Cognac. Bernard Sazerac de Forge founded his eponymous Cognac house in France in 1782, but the producer was thwarted - like so many others - by the Phylloxera epidemic in the mid-19th Century. Sazerac de Forge & Fils Finest Original Cognac intends to reintroduce the name of Sazerac in the world of Cognac - but be aware, this release is a strictly limited quantity.  

This unique blend unusually includes eaux-de-vie made from a number of old and rare native grape varieties, allowing drinkers to enjoy Cognac as it was 150 years ago, prior to the Phylloxera epidemic. Blended with mature Cognacs that have aged between seven and fifty years, this is a complex expression, full of character and with exceptional depth. 

Clive Carpenter, General Manager of Domaine Sazerac de Segonzac, said: 

“Throughout the process of blending the new Sazerac de Forge & Fils ‘Finest Original’ Cognac, we looked to the original Sazerac de Forge & Fils Cognac for inspiration. The original Cognacs were mostly blended using native grape varieties, including Folle Blanche and Colombard. But afterwards, and still to this day, the vast majority of Cognacs are made from a single grape variety – Ugni Blanc – the grape that recovered from the late-1800s phylloxera epidemic most readily.

Our blend returns as closely as possible to the original methods of making Cognac and contains Cognacs from as young as seven years old, bringing freshness and delicacy, to some which date from the 1960s, adding their powerful, rich aromas. It possesses a character and complexity that is almost impossible to achieve using a single variety of grape.”

Presentation of the Decanter

For lovers of vintage-style bottles, this release is a dream. The bold curves of the glass, thick base, wooden stopper held in place by a metal cage, classic label and blue ribbon all add up to make it look like a luxury Cognac from the 19th Century. An equally stylish tube completes the package. 

How to Enjoy Sazerac de Forge & Fils Finest Original Cognac

While this is an outstanding Cognac to enjoy on its own or with ice, it’s obviously also perfect for crafting a classic Sazerac Cocktail:

  • 60ml Sazerac de Forge & Fils Finest Original Cognac
  • 5ml rich demerara syrup (2:1, demerara sugar: water)
  • 4 dashes Peychaud's bitters
  • 10ml absinthe, to rinse
  • Lemon peel

Rinse the inside of a chilled glass with absinthe, pour away the alcohol and set aside. Combine the remaining ingredients in a mixing glass over ice and stir until chilled. Strain into the prepared glass and garnish with a lemon peel, gently expressed above the drink just before serving.

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About Sazerac

Sazerac is one of the largest spirits companies in the U.S., with nine of the country’s most reputable distilleries to its name. They produce an impressive range of spirits, including Bourbon, Cognac and Whiskey and many of its brands are global, household names. Although founded in 1850 in New Orleans, the company recently uncovered a historical connection to France's own Cognac region. 

Vist Sazerac House: 101 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130, United States to discover this rich history.

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