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Hennessy Cognac

Hennessy Privé Cognac is a Special Edition that first appeared at Singapore Changi Airport in 2009. This "Privé" blend, which is available at airports, duty-free and travel retail, was created by Hennessy's Master Blender Yann Fillioux, who selected very old eaux-de-vie - a very balanced cognac. Hennessy Privé cognac comes in an Art Deco gift box, that reminds us of crocodile leather. For those who want to buy Hennessy Privé, stores and online shops won't have it - and if yes, it's rather an exception. So you'd need to travel if you want to purchase a bottle..

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There are no tasting notes or reviews on Hennessy Privé cognac.

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Q&A for Hennessy Privé

Francis 2012-12-01

I recently flew through Dubai on my way home from holidays and purchased Hennessy Prive. On returning to Ireland and checked my credit card, I realised that I paid €300 for it. It was intended as a gift but I presumed it was a normal bottle and did not do currency conversion. It is still intact, unopened and comes in box. 70c and 40%. I was wondering if you might purchase it or know of someone who might. Many thanks

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    Hennessy Privé

    Hennessy Privé

    There are no tasting notes or reviews on Hennessy Privé cognac.

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