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Dudognon Folle Blanche Cognac

Growth area
Grande Champagne

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Folle Blanche
Dudognon Cognac

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Eye: Bright, light yellow.

Nose: Floral and sweet with notes that are fine and persistent.

Palate: Wood and oak feel thanks to its wood fire distillery processing and oak barrel aging.

Growth area & soil: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Dudognon Folle Blanche Cognac

An invitation to relieve lost emotions, this Dudognon Folle Blanche Cognac is made from 100% Folle Blanche grapes. Reintroducing an ancestral grape variety, which was mainly present in the 19th century in Charente, it boasts a rare historic palate. Paying particular attention to the early, sensitive variety and distilling over a woodfire before aging in limousin oak barrels, it is a carefully considered selection. Made without sugar, wood or caramel, the finished result is a light, floral Cognac with a favorable oak essence.

Produced by a Cognac house that has been feeding and tilling its land for several generations, the Dudognon estate prides itself on taking close care of its vines. Opting for processes that obtain a wide aromatic range, each creation is distinct and unique. It is thanks to its mission of rebirthing the Folle Blanche variety, that creations as superb as this one is in existence. A perfect introduction to this experienced house.

Presentation of the bottle

A clean, white and gold label offers a sleek, sophisticated design for this Cognac. Minimal gold circular detailing creates a stylish edge that complements the lightness of this Cognac. Sparse type invites you to taste the Cognac to discover its wonderful essence for yourself. Finished with a traditional wooden top, every inch of the bottle creates a fine presentation to enjoy.

How to enjoy

The lightness of this selection makes it a perfect companion to pair with a decent meal. Enjoy neat to savor the rare grape variety, or add a dash of water to tease the floral aromas to the surface.

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About Dudognon Cognac

The family at Maison Dudognon have been distilling Cognac since 1776. Over the centuries, their efforts have resulted in many gold medals; the current owner Claudine, as well as her father and great-grandfather, have all been recognized for their skill and brilliance. Over the generations, they have nourished and worked the soil, respecting the delicate balance of the soil to produce quality grapes. Their location in the heart of the Grande Champagne region allows them to create outstanding eaux-de-vie, using Ugni Blanc grapes as well as more traditional varieties like Folle Blanche and Montils. In the name of tradition, Claudine also swears by the use of wood-fired stills - just like her ancestors did. 

Tel: +33 5 45 80 50 42 


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