Pierre Ferrand Plantation Rum Barbados 2005

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Eye: A deep amber, when reflected in the light produces an array of colors that recall a sunset on a Barbados beach.

Nose: A tribute to exotic fruits and spices, ripened banana is followed by dried pineapple, mango, cinnamon, cardamom and curry.

Palate: A vibrant flavor profile with sweet aromas of nougat, mint chocolate and candied walnut followed by a second palate of candied orange, vanilla with a sweet and biscuity finish.


Barbadian Beauty: The 2005 Plantation Rum from Pierre Ferrand

Going back to rum’s roots, the Plantation Barbados 2005 rum is elegant and exotic excellence. Legend has it that the first example of rum’s distillation was in 1651 on the beautiful island of Barbados. This 2005 rum is a true example of what makes this small community’s produce so popular with rum drinkers today, with its smooth, voluptuous and fruity flavors.

This particular Bajan beauty was distilled back in 2005 using both pot and column still distillation at the West Indies Rum Distillery. Its vibrant personality is thanks to the 11 years it has spent aging in Barbados, before spending between two and three years on French soil. If left for too long in the Caribbean, the Angels’ share becomes too large, so aging a rum for this long is a particularly difficult task and is rarely left for such a long time.

Transferring the rum to age in Ferrand casks in France not only protects the resulting volume of alcohol produced but also adds a particularly woody character and creates alternative flavor profiles within the rum itself. Aromas of nougat, mint chocolate and candied walnut are all present, whereupon the second nose brings notes of candied orange and vanilla with a sweet and persisting finish.

Produced using molasses rather than traditional “cane wine”, this typical Caribbean process offers a depth of flavor that is rarely seen amongst modern agricultural rums that are popular today.


  • 2019 - The Rum and Cachaça Masters
  • The Spirits Business - Gold 2015
  • Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 93 Points (Excellent, Highly recommended)
How to Enjoy

The well-balanced flavors in this rum mean it is the perfect sweet treat for a summer cocktail evening or a post-dinner party digestif. Enjoy neat or with one ice club to experience the fruity fragrances to their full potential.

Presentation of the Bottle

A celebration of Barbados with the island’s name delicately descending the bottle’s elegant, long neck. The two barrels on the bottle's label are a cheeky nod to the two-step aging process that gives the rum a complex depth of flavors.

The symbol embossed onto the bottle itself is of the Morgan Lewis mill, the last remaining active sugar cane mill on the island. The trident is reminiscent of the flag of Barbados, a symbol of independence and the country’s bright future.

There is no doubt this classically Caribbean bottle will be a great addition to any drinks cabinet or bar shelf.

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