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Chabasse XO Impérial Cognac

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Chabasse Cognac

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Eye: Brilliant golden copper.

Nose: The rich bouquet is impressive, hinting towards aromas of tobacco, dry leaves and old roses. Touches of hazelnut and walnut are backed by an incomparable mellowness.

Palate: With an exceptional length on the palate, there is plenty of time to discover surprising exotic flavours: cinnamon, coconut, saffron and ginger.

Growth area & soil: Blend

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Chabasse XO Impérial Cognac: a Delightful Conversation Piece

To taste an expression like Chabasse XO Impérial Cognac is to sample Cognac at its peak. After being left to mature for over a decade, the eaux-de-vie within this blend combine in a way only finely aged Cognac can, perfectly incorporating an impressive bouquet with a lengthy palate. With its aromas of tobacco and dried florals combined with touches of toasted nuts, there is no mistaking the individuality and quality of this Extra Old Cognac. 

Crafted from a combination of Colombard, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc grape eaux-de-vie, this blend utilizes a range of crus to create depth and complexity. With surprising notes like saffron, ginger and coconut emerging on the palate, this is a conversation piece that won’t disappoint.

Maison Chabasse is an independent Cognac house with a global depth; indeed, their Cognacs are renowned and enjoyed the world over. Their ancestral 17th-century estate lies in the town of Saint-Jean d’Angely, north of Cognac. Still in the hands of the Chambasse family, it’s run by Réné-Luc Chabasse, a direct descendant of the estate’s founder Jean-Baptiste Chabasse. This quirky Cognac house enjoys combining the traditional and the contemporary, both in the flavours of their releases as well as the packaging. 

Presentation of the Bottle

The Chabasse XO Impérial Cognac is presented in a wide, elegant, carafe-style decanter with a weighty metal stopper. Featuring gold lettering on the glass and the Chabasse emblem, this is a showstopper of a bottle that can stand with pride in any Cognac collection. Of course, a striking presentation box completes the package. 

How to Enjoy Chabasse XO Impérial Cognac

An exceptional XO Cognac that deserves to be savored slowly. Serve it in tulip glasses after a fine dinner, with flaky pastry desserts or simply on its own.

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О Chabasse Cognac

In the depths of Saint-Jean d’Angely lies the historic 17th century cognac estate of Chabasse. This family run business today lies in the capable hands of Réné-Luc Chabasse, the ancestor of the founder of the family estate, Jean-Baptiste Chabasse. Chabasse Cognac is enjoyed around the globe, and today the house enjoys making the most of both the traditional and the contemporary – something that is portrayed in the striking shapes and designs of the bottles the cognacs are presented in.

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