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Renault Cognac

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Aromas of roasted mocha and vanilla, and a structure that is smooth and round: the perfect partner for coffee.


  • The Cognac Masters - 2018 - Silver

Growth area & soil: Bons Bois, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne

Bons Bois
Grande Champagne
Petite Champagne


Renault Avec Cognac

Renault Avec Cognac is an innovative product created by cellar master, David Croizet. Thanks to one of their biggest markets, the Nordic countries, where drinking coffee with Cognac is somewhat the norm, he decided to create a Cognac specifically designed for the purpose Cognac - “Avec”.

A blend of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, and Fins Bois, Renault Avec is made from eaux-de-vie aged between three to eight years. Technically this makes it a VS, however, there is a deliberate no age specification stated on the bottle. The Cognac is one that’s very soft and smooth, especially considering it’s a blend of comparatively young Cognacs. A great choice for anyone who wants to pair their coffee with a perfect tasting Cognac.

The Renault Cognac story dates all the way back to 1835 when Jean Antonin Renault, a 25-year-old Charentais businessman created the brand in the town of Cognac. He appreciated great quality and was the first to ship his Cognac in glass bottles to guarantee that it kept its delicate flavor and original taste. As a great voyager, he sold Cognac on his travels to Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Iceland, the Americas and Asia. Today the Renault Cognac is under new ownership and produces both Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne Cognacs.

Presentation of the bottle

Dressed in a half bronzed gold, half black decanter, Cognac Avec oozes style and modernity from the very first glance. A bold bottle that will intrigue the eye when showcased on display, this bottle is the perfect centrepiece or accessory for parties and events. It makes the perfect gift to both coffee lovers and Cognac enthusiasts. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love both?

How to enjoy

This Cognac was curated with the Cognac and coffee pairing in mind. Its enhanced tasting notes of roasted mocha and vanilla, with its smooth and round structure, makes it the perfect partner for coffee. Enjoy it neat, alongside an espresso as a delightful digestive at the end of an indulgent meal.


Silver Medal at the Cognac Masters 2018

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О Renault Cognac

The house of Renault Cognac (sometimes referred to as Renault & Co Cognac) has a history that can be traced back to 1835. The house was founded by one Jean-Antonin Renault at the tender age of 25. Mr Renault came from a long line of Charentais merchants, and living in the centre of the town of Cognac it made sense that he moved into the production of eaux-de-vie.

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