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Monnet Sunshine Selection Cognac

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Monnet Cognac

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Eye: Bright gold with a smooth texture and hues of a warm sunset.

Nose: Quince jam accents, spring flowers including lilac and daffodils.

Palate: Very smooth, unctuous start, hearty notes of sun-filled summer fruits, such as apricot and peach, with a light touch of vanilla and gingerbread. A long finish reveals smooth and warm lingering accents of dried fruits and pastry.

Growth area & soil: Blend

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Monnet Sunshine Selection Cognac: Aged To Perfect Smoothness

Sunshine Selection is a Cognac with unrivalled smoothness that is bound to please connoisseurs as well as new consumers alike. A well-rounded and impeccably fruity blend of outstanding elegance and versatility. Having aged for at least two years in French oak barrels, the Cognac was distilled with lees for increased aromatic elegance. Due to its vibrancy, it is the perfect summer staple spirit - but one that can be enjoyed all year round.

Maison Monnet takes pride in crafting Cognacs that can be likened to shining jewels, filled with brightness, polished to perfection and the result of both time and the hard work of man-kind. Passing down secular tradition, enriched through the years and the different generations, the house of Monnet has been preserving history whilst breaking the boundaries of quality since 1838.

Presentation of the bottle

Monnet Sunshine Selection Cognac is displayed in a wide-set simple decanter design with embellished glasswork which gives the elusion of crashing waves. The label and branding feature golden accents, which nods at the sunshine nuances of this blend. Just like the Cognac it beholds, the presentation of this fine Cognac is bright, audacious and full of character.

How to enjoy

Unveiling a remarkable roundness and a lingering finish, this Cognac is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or topped up with quality tonic water. Pour into a tulip glass, leaving the Cognac to breathe for a few moments before the tasting. By tasting through a tulip glass, the aromas are permitted to evolve with utmost potential.

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О Monnet Cognac

With a history that can be traced back to 1838, Monnet Cognac produce a small range of delightful, award winning products.  The Salamander is used as a symbol to define the brand - after the creatures ability to survive in fire draws parallels to the distillation process of cognac being heated over a fire.

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