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Rémy Martin Napoléon 1738 Accord Royal Tradition Cognac

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Petite Champagne

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Remy Martin Cognac
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Eye: Copper golden color

Nose: Spicy toffee, fruitcake, creme brulee, mocha, plums, marzipan, fig marmalade, ginger cake and leather.

Palate: Sweet butterscotch, tobacco, wood, cinnamon spice, tobacco and ginger cake. A finish of grilled almonds, prunes, dark chocolate and black pepper.


  • Bartender Spirits Award - 2022 - Gold
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2021 - Double Gold
  • Meiningers International Spirits Award - 2020 - Gold
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2020 - Silver
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2017 - Double Gold
  • International Spirits Challenge  - 2018 - Silver
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2018 - Double Gold

Growth area & soil: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Accord Royal 1738 Rémy Martin Napoléon Cognac: Fit For A King

Contrary to its name, this Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Tradition Cognac was neither distilled nor bottled in 1738. The date is, in fact, a reference to Rémy Martin's early history. The brand was honored by King Louis XV of France in 1738, its wonderfully rich flavor profile of caramel, butterscotch, sweet oak and ripe fruits make it fit for a king (or a Cognac connoisseur!).

The "Accord Royal" (Royal Agreement in English) is a direct reference to the royal warrant awarded by the King that enabled Monsieur Rémy Martin to plant his new vineyard in this important year, something that was strictly forbidden at the time. 

The blend is exclusively from the Fine Champagne terroir, 65% Grande Champagne and 35% Petite Champagne and contains over 240 eaux-de-vie, aged between 4 and 20 years old, with an average age of 12 years.

This particular Napoleon-aged Cognac was blended in 1997 and is royally rich and robust, it offers a sweet, nutty and spicy array of aromas on both nose and palate, with warming flavors of spicy toffee, fruitcake, creme brulee, mocha, plums, marzipan, fig marmalade, ginger cake and a hint of leather.

On the palate, sweet butterscotch dominates with nutty, woody notes and cinnamon spice. A hint of tobacco and fruitcake are present, balanced by the spice of ginger cake. On the finish you'll taste grilled almonds, prunes, dark chocolate and a hint of black pepper spice. 

This Cognac is a particular favorite for whisky or Armagnac fans who favor a full-bodied and rich blend that boasts a wide range of aromas, varying from nutty to sweet and spicy.

How to Enjoy: 

This is a medium to full-bodied Cognac that's full of flavor with sweet and spice perfectly balancing one another, it can be drunk on its own but also makes an excellent addition to a cocktail.

Why not try it in a Brandy Manhattan?

In a glass, add ice before adding 1 tsp of maraschino cherry juice, one whole cherry, two dashes of Angostura bitters, 1/2 fl oz. of sweet vermouth followed by 2 oz of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal. Stir until the cocktail has diluted enough (or add a splash of water if you're feeling impatient), and enjoy!

Presentation of the Bottle:

An elegant bell-shaped bottle houses the Royal Accord 1738 Cognac, its copper tones match perfectly with the faded parchment-like label that gives it an authentic, traditional feel. This traditional bottle is finished by a classic cork stopper. The bottle equally comes with a case for display, storage or gifting purposes.

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О Remy Martin Cognac

This established Cognac house has been around since 1724, for nearly 300 years, producing exquisite Fine Champagne Cognac and eau-de-vie de Vin. Fine Champagne is the category of the highest quality in Cognac production. With products such as its famous blend Louis XIII, the house of Rémy with the black centaur logo on its bottles has found international acclaim and has seen an exciting history of family feuds, mergers - and in recent years - a boom in US popular culture.

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