Armagnac Marcillac

Armagnac Marcillac

With its sandy, gravel-rich soils, Lot-et-Garonne is similar to that of Bas Armagnac, producing Ugni Blanc grapes that result in powerful Armagnacs which are superior for aging. Meanwhile, the chateau, made with thick stone walls, provides the perfect location to age eaux-de-vie for extended time periods. These conditions allow Maison Armagnac Marcillac to produce well-aged vintage products of premium quality and tasting characteristics. Combining the wonders of a superb region with the perfect conditions for aging, a spectacular result is always granted. Run by Robert, a fourth-generation winemaker on the estate, today the brand brings forward both innovation and modernity to the company, while still remaining true to the traditional methods of Armagnac production through years of dedication and craftsmanship.


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History of Marcillac

Situated in the Ténarèze terroir of Armagnac in the Lot-et-Garonne region near the city of Agen, Armagnac Marcillac has ancient roots that go all the way back to the 12th century when its estate was founded by Prémonté monks who would produce Armagnac in their monastery. The monastery was acquired in 1730 by a wine merchant from Bordeaux who restored it and converted it into a castle, which was fashionable at the time, and focused on developing the vineyard and wines. But it was from 1900 when the Marcillac family set up base and acquired the estate to distil wine for Armagnac. Family traditions have always been highly valued at the Domaine, and therefore the exact same vinification, distillation, and aging process that the monks used many centuries ago have been kept alive and followed over the decades.

Marcillac Today

The estate, located in the Ténarèze terroir of Armagnac, is today run by Robert, the fourth generation of the Marcillac family. In 2018 his nephew, Calliste, took on the challenge of bottling an exclusive collection of very old and rare vintages that were produced, distilled, and aged on the estate. The collection aims to modernize the image of Armagnac with a sophisticated and elegant brand image and bottle design, yet with the same traditional values of production applied to the spirit held within.

News & Products

Due to the limited production, there will never be more than 500 bottles released for each vintage Armagnac in a given year for a given age. Therefore, only the rarest and very best vintages of the estate have been chosen for the brand’s vintage collection which is one of the factors that make the range so special and unique. At Armagnac Marcillac, each vintage is selected for its unique personality within the given decade and all of their well-aged, vintage products share the common Ténarèze characteristics of a frank and powerful initial attack, that allows the Armagnacs to then gradually reveal their own intriguing identities.


There is currently no information available on visits to the Marcillac Estate. So we recommend contacting the house of Armagnac Marcillac directly for further information and for all enquiries around visiting and opening hours.

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