Armagnac Jean Cavé Brut de Fût 1888 01

Armagnac Jean Cavé Brut de Fût 1888

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Eye: Deep , intense amber, bright and clear.

Nose: Elegant, with intoxicating white blossom. Followed by woody aromas and spices like liquorice and saffron.

Palate: The attack is frank with a sensation of the alcohol. The tannins are rich and round.

Finish: Notes of ferns, undergrowth and humus leaves, great complexity on the finish with notes of ginger.


Armagnac Jean Cavé Brut de Fût 1888

This Armagnac Cask Strength 1888 is made up of eaux-de-vie distilled from the best wines of the Gascon region dating as far back as 1888. Due to its impressive age, this Armagnac is a one-of-a-kind unique vintage that is incredibly rare to come by. Through the undergoing of a remarkably long aging process, 1888 has acquired the fullness of its aroma from inside the cask.

At Maison Jean Cave, the cellar master strives to restore the alcohol level each year of the aging process in order to preserve harmony and carefully bring alcohol levels down so that it is ready for consumption. Meanwhile the cellar master is also responsible for maintaining and stabilising the humidity and temperature of the cellar - this is deemed essential in order to preserve the decades of perfumes, aromas, finesse and expression of the eaux-de-vie.

Unveiling complex aromatic expression, elegant notes of blossom give way to woody aromas and spices such as saffron and liquorice. A realm of tasting discovery immerses through the senses upon tasting as further flavors of rich and round tannins, ferns and undergrowth prevail with intensity. Final nuances of ginger finish the tasting with exceptional complexity for an experience to remember.

Situated amidst the Bas-Armagnac region, the house of Jean Cavé boasts four generations of expertise in the art of distilling and aging, both vintage and blended Armagnacs. With more than 135 years of tradition passed down through the family - this Cognac house comprises a vast range of unique products making it the prime starting place for those who are new to the world of Armagnac. With so much on offer - there really is something for everyone.

Presentation of the bottle

This Armagnac arrives in an all white bottle and accompanying protective sleeve. The design features a luxurious round bottle shape, with a heavy base and a slender neck. The bottle’s perfect proportions showcase the fine quality and dedication that has gone into creating the product. It oozes elegance - down to each and every last detail.

How to enjoy

Unveiling rich and complex aroma, Armagnac 1888 is best enjoyed neat at room temperature, so as not to take away anything from the Armagnac in its purest form. Sip from a tulip glass to allow the flavors to develop freely before embarking on a voyage of the senses upon tasting.

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