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Héritage René Rivière Hors d'Age Grand Hommage Cognac

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Héritage René Rivière Cognac

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Eye: An amber, almost copper hue.

Nose: A complexity of aromas, candied fruits, vanilla, almonds and honey with slight hints of mocha and spices.

Palate: Equally as complex as the nose with similar flavors slowly developing onto the senses, full bodied, exceptional.

Growth area & soil: Borderies




Hommage, Heritage with a Hint of Honey: The Héritage René Rivière Hors D’Age Grand Hommage Cognac

This single-cru Borderies beauty is truly an exceptional Cognac. A rich and complex “Hors d’age” Cognac that has been matured for a minimum of 70 years, it has been independently verified as containing eaux-de-vie that were placed into casks before the First World War and left to age.

This particular bottle pays homage to René Rivière, grandfather of the estate’s current owner, who left the Borderies region to fight in the Great War back in 1914. A hero in the eyes of his family and all who know him, his legacy lives on through this limited edition Cognac. The René Rivière estate has been around the Borderies in various forms since 1886, holding over 200 years of history.

The family also pay respect to their predecessors by employing traditional production techniques to produce Cognac’s of an extremely high quality, a fitting tribute to those master blenders of the past. What makes Héritage René Rivière so unique (and so desirable) is that the land is no longer used to cultivate or harvest grapes to distill eaux-de-vie. Each and every Cognac produced has therefore been extracted from ancient demijohns, some of which have been hidden in the cellar for over 100 years.

This means that every René Rivière Cognac you purchase is in itself a limited edition, a truly unique drinking experience that would take decades to recreate. These 70-year-old eaux-de-vie are therefore extremely rare, above all thanks to their single cru Borderies provenance, making for an exclusive and extraordinary collectors item. All René Rivière Cognacs boast a minimum “Hors d’Age” age, all single cru, all containing a complex combination of fruit flavors, as well as developing floral aromas that persist on palate and nose.

This particular Hors d’Age has accents of candied fruits, almonds and honey on the first nose, with a hint of mocha and spices seductively enveloping the second nose. On the palate, the flavor profile is equally as complex (unsurprising for a Cognac of this age), with fruity and nutty notes being sweetened by honey and balanced by spices.

The mouthfeel is well-rounded with an exceptional finesse, with each flavor developing in succession, allowing an all-sensory and exciting drinking experience.

How to Enjoy

It is important to drink this Cognac slowly, the estate recommend warming the glass (preferably a snifter) before serving neat, leaving to aerate for a few seconds to allow the aromas and flavors to reach their peak upon the first sip. The experts at Réné Rivière believe this is the best way to allow the Cognac to "express all of its richest qualities".

Presentation of the Bottle

Classic with a bold blue label. The bottle is understated yet refined with its elegant presentation box for gifting, storage or display purposes. This Cognac also has a limited edition carafe version available for purchase.

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О Héritage René Rivière Cognac

Owned by Jean-Jacques Vidal, Héritage René Rivière Cognac is located in the north of the regions and within the Borderies terroir.  The brand concentrates on producing a small range of top quality, old cognacs using traditional methods handed down over the centuries.

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