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Prunier Winston Churchill Cuvée

World Premiere

Prunier Cuvée N°1

Winston Churchill

It’s commonly known that Winston Churchill was an expert drinker and connoisseur of fine Cognac. As a matter of fact it was often his chosen drink to serve when in the company of guests during his years as Prime Minister of Britain’s Conservative Party. In honor of his love for Cognac and notably, Prunier’s offerings - Maison Prunier are launching the release of Prunier Churchill Cognac: a limited edition, exceptionally rare vintage Cognac of the Borderies cru.

A testament to Churchill, his love for Cognac and to the spirit itself, Maison Prunier presents its latest limited edition: Cuvée Winston Churchill Cognac.

Cognac Age: more than 40 Years old

Growth Area: Borderies

ABV: 47 %

Bottle Size: 70 cl

Certificate: Yes. Signed by Robert Churchill and Stéphane Burnez

$ 652
excl. TAX excl. shipping

Winston Churchill in brief

Winston Churchill was a writer, orator and politician who led Britain to victory in the Second World War. He served as Conservative Prime Minister twice - from 1940 to 1945 (before being defeated in the 1945 general election by the Labor leader Clement Attlee) and from 1951 to 1955.

Personal background

Winston Churchill was born on 30 November 1874, in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire and was of rich, aristocratic ancestry. Despite achieving low grades at school, his fascination with militarism from a young age prompted him to join the Royal Cavalry in 1895. As a soldier and part-time journalist, Churchill traveled widely, including trips to Cuba, Afghanistan, Egypt and South Africa.

Fun Facts

  • Churchill’s favorite Cognac was Hine.
  • Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 for his many published works.
  • Churchill noted that “Hot baths, cold champagne, new peas and old brandy” were the four essentials of life.
  • Following Neville Chamberlain’s resignation in 1940, Churchill was chosen to succeed him as Prime Minister of an all-party coalition government.
  • Winston Churchill’s mother was an American.
  • The first known use of the term “OMG” was in a letter to Churchill. A letter published by the US Library of Congress from Admiral John Arbuthnot “Jacky” Fisher to Churchill sent in 1917 contains the phrase.
  • Churchill died in 1965 and was honored with a state funeral.

The authentic wine menu of the Potsdam dinner

The story of Prunier Churchill Cognac

As a fond drinker, acknowledged expert and connoisseur of fine Cognac, Winston Churchill certainly took pride in taking personal responsibility for selecting the food and drink when hosting guests.

In July 1945, Churchill hosted a dinner in Potsdam, the chosen venue for the last great conference of the wartime era. Among the 28 diners were US President Truman and Soviet leader Stalin, who had both hosted dinners in the preceding days.

The dinner proved a diplomatic success and ended with Churchill and Stalin toasting each other with a glass of Prunier Cognac.

In honor of Churchill’s adoration for Prunier Cognac, the Maze Churchill family and Maison Prunier proudly present Cuvée Winston Churchill Cognac as an honorable tribute to Sir Winston Churchill’s love for fine, old Cognac.

Made up of exceptionally rare, old Cognac selected from two casks, this collector's item contains a blend of two unique Borderies eaux-de-vie that spent a minimum of 40 years aging. The two vintage blends combine harmoniously to form an exceptionally smooth blend boasting floral aromas with hints of violet.

A beautiful and delicate Cognac, yet higher in strength, should be enjoyed, just how Churchill liked to drink his Cognac - by pairing it with a fine cigar.

With only a limited number (1000) bottles produced, each bottle is numbered and only 924 bottles will be released, as the other 76 will be stored in the Prunier’s paradise cellars as a historical testimony to this fine liquid gold.

Arriving with a presentation case, each box contains a certificate signed by Robert Churchill - a member of the Maze Churchill family - and Stéphane Burnez to prove the authenticity and exclusivity of this remarkable treasure testament to history.

Robert Churchill tasting the Cuvée Cognac

The Maze Churchill Connection: Who is Robert Churchill?

Paul Maze (1887-1979) was a French painter who met Winston Churchill for the first time on the Western front. They both wore the Casque Adrián, the combat helmet worn by the French army. Churchill is said to have uttered

“You and I both have good taste”.

And from there, the pair formed a close friendship through a shared love for writing and painting. After losing the general election in 1929, he found time to spend summers in France at the home of his cousin Consuelo Balsan in Normandy. Churchill enjoyed the company of fellow artists and he and Maze painted together during the year of 1934 and for many summers after.

On 20 August 1939, Churchill was painting alongside Maze when he suddenly turned to his friend and said:

“This is the last picture we shall paint in peace for a very long time.”

Maze recorded that Churchill was depressed as he left France for England shortly afterwards: “I had written a letter to him ‘only to read when he was over the Channel’: ‘Don’t worry Winston, you know that you will be Prime Minister and lead us to victory…”

Winston Churchill and Paul Maze’s friendship would continue until Churchill’s death in 1965. Somewhat fourteen years later, Paul Maze died in 1979 and the same year his granddaughter Jeanne Maze married Robert Churchill, the first cousin of Winston Churchill.

And so, through Jeanne and Robert, the Churchill and Maze connection remains alive and strong. Coincidentally, the pair share Winston’s passion for Cognac and own the vignoble Domaine de Monplaisir, in the Borderies region of Cognac. Jeanne, like her grandfather, is also a talented artist and combines her love for painting in pastel with viticulture.

All bottles are labeled by hand

Stéphane Burnez and Robert Churchill

A testament to Churchill, his love for Cognac and to the spirit itself, Maison Prunier presents its latest limited edition: Cuvée Winston Churchill Cognac.

Cognac Age: more than 40 Years old

Growth Area: Borderies

ABV: 47 %

Bottle Size: 70 cl

Certificate: Yes. Signed by Robert Churchill and Stéphane Burnez

$ 652
excl. TAX excl. shipping

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Meet Stéphane Burnez

The current cellar master of the house of Prunier: Stephane Burnez is the 5th generation to take the reigns at Prunier and has been enhancing the family traditions for more than 20 years now. With a vision to continue Prunier’s heritage into the generation (the 6th soon to follow), he strives to replenish the Prunier cellars with yet more beautifully aged eau-de-vie that will be ready, in turn, for the next family members. In doing so, he envisions his future ancestors enjoying the Cognac in the same way that he and his family are appreciating those that were stored for them by previous generations of the Prunier family.

I hope to get back to the philosophy and style of the 19th century by 2060, where older Cognacs, more vintages and a better notion of terroir and grape variety stands strong.

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