Le Père Jules Pays d'Auge 40 Years Calvados 01

Le Père Jules Pays d'Auge 40 Years Calvados

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Aromat: pieczone jabłka, jesienne przyprawy - jak najwyższej jakości sos jabłkowy gotujący się w kuchennym garnku. Ślad eleganckiego dębu. Złożony.

Smak: Aksamitna konsystencja. Równowaga, która jest poza listą przebojów. Bogaty, rozgrzewający mus jabłkowy. Przyprawy.


Le Père Jules Pays d'Auge 40 Years Calvados

Discover the culmination of a century-old tradition and passion for apples in the Le Pere Jules Calvados Pays d’Auge 40 Years. This prestigious Calvados carries with it a rich history that traces back to 1919, when World War I veteran Jules Desfrièches, affectionately known as Pere Jules, distilled his first batch of Calvados. Now, under the meticulous care of the fourth generation, Guillaume Desfrièches, this institution of Calvados production remains faithful to ancestral traditions while delivering an unparalleled aromatic complexity that speaks of its rich heritage.

Origin: A Century of Passion

Nestled in the heart of Normandy, Le Pere Jules distillery stands as a testament to a man's enduring love for his region and apples. Four generations of the Desfrièches family have carried on this passion, meticulously cultivating their 40 hectares of orchards that boast 60 different varieties of apples, delivering exceptional products that encapsulate the spirit of their heritage.

Production Process: Timeless Tradition

Meets Excellence Every bottle of Le Pere Jules Calvados begins with the hand-picking and manual sorting of apples to ensure only the finest quality. These apples are then fermented for up to three months, depending on the temperatures. The resulting cider is stored for a year before it is distilled in a traditional, wood-burning Charentais-style alambic. With no additives and a natural color, the Calvados is aged for forty years, lending it remarkable suppleness, grace, and roundness. The balance and flavors of cooked apples, combined with woody and spicy notes, create an unparalleled aromatic complexity - a true elegance in a bottle.

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