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Domaine Grande Croix Mougne XO Cognac


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Fins Bois

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Domaine Grande Croix Mougne

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Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Domaine Grande Croix Mougne XO Cognac

The Domaine Grande Croix Mougne XO Cognac is a well-aged blend made up of eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois cru of the Cognac region. With years of artisanal craftsmanship and expertise behind them, Maison Domaine Grande Croix Mougne produces Cognac in a traditional way, whereby the winemakers work in total harmony with the vines and the land. Matured for an average of 10 years, this XO is a Cognac to be enjoyed by even the most experienced of connoisseurs, and one that is highly deserving of its place amongst others in the drinks cabinet.

Located in the heart of the Fins Bois region, the house of Domaine Grande Croix Mougne produces Cognacs with a story to be told. Remaining true to traditional roots, the brand stretches back over hundreds of years. An authentic family-run business with centuries of extensive history. Such history and tales of the past are brought to life through each of their delectable Cognacs.

Presentation of the bottle

Showcased in a traditional style decanter, the bottle shows off the vibrant, dark golden hues of the eaux-de-vie contained inside. It’s simple and classic design proves that while presentation is important - it’s what's inside that counts the most.

How to enjoy

Due to its extra old age, expect a long and satisfying finish when tasting this Cognac. A quality XO like this one is best appreciated neat or on the rocks. As the flavors develop and linger on the palate - sip and savour every last drop. For an enhanced tasting experience, serve as digestive when amongst good company and conversation.

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Over Domaine Grande Croix Mougne

Covering 25 hectares of Fins Bois vineyards, the estate of Domaine Grande Croix Mougne Cognac has a varied and interesting history that dates back over the centuries.  The house prides itself on producing cognacs in the traditional manner, and in a way that interacts and is kind to the environment.

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