Pasquet L'organic 07 Grande Champagne Cognac

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Pasquet Cognac
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Tasting review by Pasquet Cognac:

Smooth, supple, hints of oak structure the flavors.  Further fruity notes of grapefrute and pear develo before the peppery finale.


Pasquet L'Organic 07 Grande Champagne Cognac is a charming, 7 year old VSOP quality with an intense personality.  The name gives hints to what makes this cognac so special.  It's blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, but more than simply that, the house of Pasquet makes truly bio-friendly, organic cognacs - in fact, that's all it makes.

Since 1998, all cognacs made by this traditional, artisan house have born the hard to gain honor of holding a 'Agricultural Biologique' status.  Such a label is only awarded to those that are truly organic - and Pasquet Cognac pride themselves in their ability to make delightful products in a way truly in harmony with Mother Nature.

'Green' it might be - but it tastes pretty special as well.  White flowers, fruit, and spices abound, along with the structure of oak wood, grapefruit, pears, and a delightful hint of pepper as it rolls into a satisfying finish.  An all round great VSOP cognac.

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Cognac 07

Lovely cognac.... now have three Cognacs from this house

Over Pasquet Cognac

The all-organic house of Cognac Pasquet perfectly strikes the balance between the warmth of family tradition, and innovative savoir-faire. In order to revive a plot of vines during the 1990s, the Pasquet family reached deep into their ancestral history for its organic farming methods. It was here that they found a beautiful equilibrium in the ecosystem of their vines, and in their Cognacs themselves. Awarded ‘Agriculture Biologique status’ in 1998, they haven’t looked back since; as they continue to craft small-batch Cognacs. With ranges such as ‘L’Organic’ and ‘Esprit de la Famille’, the Pasquet family ensures that every step of their Cognac production respects the environment. And the resulting Cognacs are something very special indeed…

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