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Selection Olivier Blanc S.O.B. VS Artisanal Pierre Vaudon Cognac


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S.O.B. Selection Olivier Blanc Cognac

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Eye: A refined golden color.

Nose: Aromas of freshly pressed grapes, pears, white fruits and flowers, refined and subtle scent that bring a fresh burst to the senses.

Palate: An incredible freshness, young, summer fruits spread across the senses in a fresh, fluid fashion. Hints of honey too.

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


A true passion project: craft Cognac created by the child of Cognac himself

The Pierre Vaudon Artisanal VS Cognac from Sélection Oliver Blanc is surely one to try if you’re looking to experience the modern magic that young producers like Vaudon can produce. With every Cognac he produces, simplicity is key, Vaudon makes every effort to find balance in his blends so that every aroma is easily identifiable with every sip.

Now working in collaboration with SOB, a new and innovative craft Cognac brand that exclusively selects those exceptionally talented producers, Olivier Blanc has helped to reignite the interest and brought new energy to Cognac by creating artisanal passion projects to please every palate.

This artisanal VS has been created through a painstaking selection of Fins Bois eaux-de-vie that are subject to micro-distillation, producing small batches of beautiful blends that make the ideal ingredient as a refreshing aperitif or cocktail spirit. Pierre Vaudon, born and raised in Charente, has been nicknamed the "gifted child of Cognac", with 18 years of expertise under his belt, he has honed his craft and manages to find the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness with every Cognac he produces.

As well as running the François Voyer estate, he established his own brand, Pierre Vaudon, just over 2 years ago. This is a man who lives and breathes Cognac, a cellar master who took his first steps in the family distillery. This particular blend is fresh and lively, with freshly pressed grapes and other fruits immediately hitting the senses.

This young VS has a particularly fresh, mineral quality on the palate, with young fruits and a touch of honey finding that fine balance in the mouth.

How to Enjoy

Monsieur Olivier Blanc himself recommends this Cognac has an aperitif or a cocktail ingredient, why not add a few ice cubes and savor its freshness with every sip.

Presentation of the bottle

Simple and understated, this Fins Bois find puts flavor at the forefront, with a craft-style bottle that screams savoir-faire. The bottle is classic, uncomplicated, putting the Cognac's golden color in the spotlight.

There are no frills here, no lengthy historical story of heritage across the label, simply Craft Cognac that has been created by passionate producers, selected by the master blender himself to please your palate.

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Over S.O.B. Selection Olivier Blanc Cognac

S.O.B - - the Olivier Blanc Selection is a selection of 5 talented producers of Grande Champagne Cognacs, each with their own vineyards, distillery, and the ability to carry out all bottling on their own estated.  Each of these producers has been specifically selected by Olivier Blanc - a man who's passion for Cognac and quality spirits is renowned not only in France, but around the globe.

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