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Godet Petite Champagne 1970 Vintage Cognac

Petite Champagne

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Godet Cognac

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Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Godet Petite Champagne 1970 Vintage Cognac– A Retro Dream from La Rochelle

History, family and nature combine to render this Cognac a vintage gem. Drawn from one single harvest and one sole vineyard, the climate and conditions of 1970 are forever bottled in Godet Petite Champagne 1970 Vintage Cognac.

Cognac house Godet has been family run for an incredible 14 generations. It is deeply connected to the traditions of the spirit, and boasts a fascinating history of its own. As the July Monarchy was on its last legs in France in 1848, Augustin Godet was busy blending eaux de vie to create captivating Cognacs. Fast forward to the 1920s, and the house was keeping busy with orders for Prohibition-era American outlaws, cementing its place in history.

At the same time, Godet has proved itself a modern force in the Cognac industry, too. Godet recently created a Cognac out of a grape variety that teeters on the edge of extinction: the Folle Blanche. Their inspiration? A two-month sailing expedition to the South Pole, explaining the title of the Cognac– ‘Antarctica Godet.’

But this offering from Cognac is far from Antarctic temperatures; their 1970 vintage is rather a warm, rich reminder of a bygone era. Seamlessly safeguarded by Godet’s cellar master for all these years, it is beautifully mature on the palate and intoxicatingly rich on the nose. Only bottled on demand and done so by hand, Cognac connoisseurs can rest assured that this is a rare, retro dream just waiting to be savored. Godet Petite Champagne 1970 Vintage Cognac was barreled in the finest French oak casks and aged to perfection in Godet’s cellars alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

To top it all off, Godet Petite Champagne 1970 Vintage Cognac comes in a show stopping bottle. It immediately recalls the aesthetic of dimly lit bars, lounges and studios of the seventies, creating a sultry allure with its warm copper color and an inarguable air of sophistication with its almost crystal-like glass panelling.

This vintage cognac from the seaside is ultimately unique and unforgettable, just like the year of its harvest.

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Over Godet Cognac

The house of Godet has been run by the family for 14 generations. It is a perfect example of a cognac house that deeply believes in the tradition of this spirit and its origins. At the same time, Godet manages to move with modern times, having recently created a cognac from a grape that is almost extinct in the cognac industry: Folle Blache. This cognac is called "Antarctica Godet" and was inspired by a 2-month sailing trip to the South Pole.

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