Frapin Millésime 1990 27 Years Old Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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Frapin Cognac
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Eye: Bright, warm orange-yellow tones, reminiscent of fall leaves and the vibrant, fruity notes hidden within.

Nose: Delicate floral aromas of jasmine, with apricot, mango and orange nuances, woody undertones of old oak furniture or a cigar box.

Palate: Powerful yet balanced. Apricot and fig notes dominate with hints of licorice and roasted notes, a lingering rancio character presents itself on a persistent finish.


  • International Wine and Spirits Competition - 2019 - Bronze
  • Meiningers International Spirits Award - 2019 - Gold


The Finesse of Frapin: the 1990 27-year-old Cognac

A combination of 200 hectares of Ugni Blanc vineyards, 20 generations of savoir-faire and 27 years in wax-sealed casks has resulted in the exquisite Frapin 1990 27-year-old Cognac. Harvested in a particularly special year, this Cognac is the amalgamation of Domaine Frapin’s expertise, handed from one generation to the next, and their desire for excellence in their field.

This 27-year-old Cognac is truly Frapin in its style and flavor profile, bringing a complex aromatic richness and an infinitely long finish. With its own individual and distinct personality, this Cognac is the most talked about and most recent addition to a collection that began over 20 years ago.

Made exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes grown on the western side of the Gabloteaux vineyard; the land itself holds all of the best qualities that the Grande Champagne region has to offer when it comes to producing wonderfully intricate and exciting eaux-de-vie. The calcareous clay soils and limestone sub-soils offer flavors and aromas typical of this premier cru. Harvested after a particularly hot and dry summer, the grapes were at the peak of their maturity when picked in October 1990.

The aromatic and refined eaux-de-vie that were distilled were then placed in oak casks and stored in dry cellars in an attic at the Domaine Frapin.

Despite Frapin’s reputation for blending different vintages to create the perfect product, this exclusive 1990 vintage is guaranteed thanks to BNIC (Cognac’s regulatory authority), who ensure each cask is wax sealed and only opened under their own supervision.

With a vibrant and warm personality, this Cognac is punchy with a perfumed elegance centered around apricot and figs. Its bright orange-yellow color is reminiscent of the dominant apricot, mango and orange aromas released on the first nose.

The Cognac’s floral bouquet is dominated by jasmine, punctuated by deep, woody notes throughout. Upon tasting this 1990 XO, the flavor is powerful yet sophisticated, the fruity notes of apricot and fig are balanced by hints of licorice and roasted notes.

The finish is lasting with a lingering rancio character that persists on the palate.

  • 2019 - Cognac Master UK - Master - Cognac Taste Master
  • 2019 - ISW Germany - Gold Medal
How to Enjoy

Celebrate this vintage neat in a classic snifter or tulip glass. The elegant and punchy aromas speak for themselves, but a drop of water will help enhance and distinguish the sophisticated fruity notes on the palate.

Presentation of the Bottle

A slim and sleek design with the legendary Frapin signature embossed onto the glass bottle. Its clean design fully puts the Cognac's warm fall colors in the spotlight. The bottle comes with a classic, round red case for storing or gifting purposes.

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Over Frapin Cognac

The Frapin family has been around the Southwest of France since 1270. Always active in the domain of winegrowing, they specialized in distillation much later on and have since continued to stand strong throughout twenty generations! The estate owns 300 hectares of land entirely in the Grande Champagne area, of which 200 are planted with vines. Frapin’s home in the beautiful caste Fontpinot in the town of Segonzac. The most famous family member was the 16th century author Francois Rabelais, after whom a prestigious Frapin cognac bottle is named: The Cuvee Rabelais. Like some other cognac houses, Frapin needs to extend business through diversifying into other luxury products such as chocolate or coffee. Frapin was the first cognac producer to invent a multi-vintage blend, combining vintages of different years to create the perfect taste.

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