Comandon in Exoloroso Sherry from La Cosecha 2011 Vintage Cognac


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Comandon Cognac
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Eye: Dark mahogany.

Nose: Warm pastry creme, sweet toasted grain and cookie dough.

Palate: Fruit cake, and a saltiness that perfectly balances the fruits of the orchard. The finish is long with tangerine hints.


Borderies 2011 Vintage Cognac Finished in Spanish Sherry Barrels

Comandon present another unique collaboration using their single-cask innovation; only this time, their precious eaux-de-vie are finished in former sherry casks from Jerez in the south of Spain. The Comandon Rare Cask Finish Cognac in Ex-Oloroso Sherry from La Cosecha is something to be marveled, and is only produced in small batches so once it’s gone, it’s gone. The Cognac Masters have selected to create an expression of the Borderies terroir, which is the smallest of all the crus but is highly sought-after. It is made up of the oldest soil in the region, and due to millions of years of fossilization, the soil produces high quality eaux-de-vie of an intensely floral nature. This is a Vintage Cognac dating back to 2011, and is a dual snapshot of both Cognac from the Borderies region, alongside Spanish oak and sherry. Truly unique.

As an experiment, Comandon have released a fine example of ex-sherry finish Cognac. By collaborating with La Cosecha, one of the most celebrated boutique sherry producers in Spain. Located in Jerez in the south of Spain, Comandon finished their Cognac in their former Oloroso sherry barrels. It gets better - not only is the Cognac finished in Spanish sherry casks, but the oak itself is indeed Spanish. Probably for the first time in Cognac history, you can try Cognac aged in Spanish oak barrels with the Comandon Rare Cask Finish 2011 Vintage.

Comandon single cask philosophy

Comandon tends to operate on a ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’ policy, which means that their batches are smaller and artisanal. Working in tandem with nature, there are only 205 bottles available for this Cognac, so grab it while you can.


It arrives in a bespoke wooden box and will look fantastic on display.

How to Enjoy

Serve neat to enjoy any vintage eaux-de-vie of this kind in all of its purest glory.

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Over Comandon Cognac

Comandon is an independent Cognac house that continue to control all of their production in-house. Their philosophy lies in uniting traditional elegance and two centuries of savoir-faire with modernity and pushing the boundaries, which can be seen in their bespoke branding campaigns and unique internet presence. Think La Dolce Vita meets Armani.

With an extremely forward-thinking marketing agenda and a particularly hands-on approach when it comes to the music and entertainment industry, Comandon have carved themselves an interesting space for a niche approach to the Cognac business.

They do an exceptional job of producing small, artisanal batches that offer rare and limited glimpses into one particular terroir, or one exceptional harvest, whether the eaux-de-vie are younger or older. For this reason, they defy tradition in the Cognac world, who believe that “older is better” and producing the same Cognac year in, year out is the end objective. Comandon instead work in tandem with nature, initiating unique collaborations for their single cask collection, and never fearing experimentation.

With a history dating back around 200 years, the Cognac house continue to produce excellent Cognac and receive top-notch awards.

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