Distillerie Tessendier Season Triple Cask Rum - 7 years old

Distillerie Tessendier
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Trinidad's Tastiest Export - Saison Rum Triple Cask 7-year-old Trinidad Rum

In this exciting limited edition from Distillerie Tessendier, the Saison Triple Cask Trinidad Rum captures and harnesses all the very best qualities of vibrant Trinidad as a rum-producing region, finding the delicate balance between richness and intensity and producing an extraordinary depth of flavor and array of elaborate aromas.

This balance has been found by integrating the delicate quality of sugarcane-produced rum, distilled in columns, and the intense, rich flavor of molasses-produced rum, distilled in traditional copper stills. Bringing together these two elements favors a flavor-heavy rum that can be enjoyed neat, with every sip revealing a new aspect of the Triple Cask’s incredibly complex character.

This particular Triple Cask classic has been aged for a minimum of 5 years in American white oak casks on the island of Barbados itself. Its tropical temperament creates a unique oxidation that can't be replicated anywhere outside the Caribbean and not only accelerates maturation, but creates an acute concentration of fabulous flavors.

This heat and humidity is both a blessing and a burden, so in order to keep the "Angels share" from being too large, the rum is then transferred to European soils and blended by Cognac Master and artisan Jerome Tessender, who works tirelessly to carefully concoct a distinctive aromatic profile, whether it be floral, fruity or spicy.

The rum is then left to mature in French oak barrels in the stunning Cognac-producing town of Jarnac, right on the banks of the picturesque Charente river, in order to produce wonderfully warming toasted and spicy notes.

Finally, when the rum has voyaged across the globe and finished its majestic maturation, it’s reduced to 46% and most importantly, no sugar is added. This unique distillation and maturation process gives this Triple Cask tasty Trinidadian treat its distinctive character and depth of flavor.

How to Enjoy

Enjoy this rum neat, preferably at room temperature in a tulip glass in order to enjoy the true array or aromas that will please both palate and nose. If you’re after a fresher drinking experience, try it in a rocks glass with a few ice cubes and feast on the fantastic flavor profile found in this limited edition.

Presentation of the Bottle

This classically designed bottle with its cork stopper has a fun, Caribbean feel to it, the bottle's label proudly presents its "best bits", triple cask, 7 year maturation and its glorious Trinidadian provenance.

The bottle is a limited edition of 1476 bottles and comes with a cardboard presentation case for gifting, display and storage purposes.

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Over Distillerie Tessendier

This is a Cognac house that combine both modernity and tradition; drawing upon centuries of savoir-faire to safeguard their innovative spirits and longevity. Their roots date back to the heart of the Cognac region and to the very history of France itself. In 1862, the son Gaston Tessendier acquired the Buisson estate and other parts of land, which soon became the Distillerie Tessendier estate.

Gaston was the first to learn the secrets of the vines, with his son following in his footsteps. Over the years they learnt about ageing the Cognacs and distillation, and the third generation of Tessendiers were really the first to master the art of blending Cognac effortlessly.

Now in the hands of the fourth generation, Jerome and Lillian, they continue to innovate and drive forth a vision that is unique, driven by emotions with each of their eaux-de-vie, and create a series of multifaceted brands under the overarching label of Distillerie Tessendier such as Cognac Park, Cognac Campagnère, Cognac Grand Breuil and the latest Saison Rum, which sees the Tessendier brothers applying their savoir-faire to the art of rum.

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