Roullet Reserve de Famille Cognac

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Fins Bois

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Roullet Cognac
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Tasting review by Roullet Cognac:

Color:  Amber with copper shades and redwood overtones

Aromas:  Wood and spicy aromas of dried fruits, nuts, bitter orange, and leather

Palate:  Rich with dark chocolate 


The Roullet Reserve de Famille Cognac is a Fins Bois blend of some of the best of the family reserves.  Deep within their Paradis Cellar, the eaux-de-vie has been gently aging for around 40 years, and the end result is something pretty special.

For those who enjoy a complex, yet balancedd cognac, then this is for you.  Wood and spicy aromas combine with rich, dark chocolate tones - and of course, an exceptional rancio.  The finish is long, and ultimately satisfying.  This is a cognac to be enjoyed on special occasions, or when you have the time so simply sit, relax and enjoy.  One for the connoiseurs...

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Over Roullet Cognac

The Cognac house of Roullet has a long and rich history. Indeed, the Roullet family were some of the very first to sell Cognacs in glass bottles in Paris back in the 18th century. Vineyards and working the vines are in the blood of this long line of wine makers. There is a traceable history showing the family first owned vineyards in the Cognac region as far back as 1772.

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