Camus Cuvee 4.176 Cognac


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Petite Champagne

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Camus Cognac
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Eye: Deep amber with mahogany reflections. 

Nose: Sugary notes of honey, dried bananas, fresh figs and plums. Crystallized orange accompanies ginger, pepper, cedarwood, tobacco and a touch of rancio

Palate: Hazelnut and almond blended with raisins, ginger and nutmeg. Towards the finish, the rancio is more prominent, lifted by coffee, cedar and sandalwood. 

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Camus Cuvee 4.176 Cognac: a Single Estate Masterpiece from the Petite Champagne

The second edition of the Camus Masterpiece Collection by Cyril Camus is the Camus Cuvee 4.176 Cognac. This exceptional release is composed of four eaux-de-vie, which altogether offer a combined age of at least 176 years – hence its name. All the eaux-de-vie have been sourced from a single vineyard owned by one family in the Petite Champagne region, where traditional methods are used to cultivate vines to this day. Each of the components in the blend was distilled off the lees in an antique coal-fired alembic still and aged in an unusually dry cellar. 

The youngest eaux-de-vie in the blend is 43 years old which means the Ugni Blanc grapes used for this expression were harvested upon the mixed, chalky soils of the Petite Champagne terroir up to the late 60s. This region is famous for producing well-balanced eaux-de-vie with rich fruity notes, and this complex Prestige Cognac certainly lives up to expectations.

Since Jean-Baptise Camus founded his company in 1863, four generations have followed in his footsteps to turn this small winegrower into a world-renowned Cognac house of distinction. Their family-owned vineyards are part of a magnificent estate of 280 hectares (691 acres), located in the very heart of Cognac. 

Presentation of the Bottle

TheBaccarat Crystal decanter, designed by Serge Manseau, is as impressive as its contents. With a multifaceted, cutaway design, a woven decoration on the neck and an oversized crystal stopper, this is a bottle to admire time and time again. Only 980 exclusive decanters have been produced, each of them numbered and presented in a beautiful black leather box featuring the House of Camus logo on a gold plaque.

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Over Camus Cognac

Sinds 1863 hebben vijf generaties van de Camus-familie een eenduidige passie gekweekt voor het maken van geweldige Cognac met hun eigen stijl. Met 180 hectare grond in de kleinste en zeldzaamste AOC cru - de Borderies - is de Camus-familie altijd diepgaand betrokken geweest bij het maken en distilleren van wijn. Het is deze onbreekbare band tussen het land, de tradities en de mensen die erop wonen die hen helpt om prachtige Cognacs te maken. Vandaag de dag is het Cyril Camus die de drager is van alle familietradities en toeziet op de onbetwiste kwaliteit van Camus Cognac. Exportontwikkeling en productontwikkeling staan bovenaan het lijstje, met een passie voor innovatie. Cyril Camus heeft het interieur van het Cognac huis volledig gemoderniseerd en vertrouwt op een frisse nieuwe kijk op Cognac voor de nieuwe eeuw. In plaats van leer, hout en fluweel in bruintinten kiest hij voor lichte kleuren en een combinatie van traditie en modern design.


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