A.E. Dor Sign Of Time Cognac


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Grande Champagne

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A.E. DOR Cognac

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Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


A.E. D'Or Sign of Time

Celebrating A.E Dor’s impressive 150th anniversary, the Sign Of Time Cognac is a masterpiece meticulously designed to mark the occasion. With a bottle as impressive as what lies within it, this is a creation with undeniable excellence. A Cognac of the Grande Champagne, an incredibly rare blend of Eaux-de-vie sits inside a fantastic 1-liter crystal decanter, created by La Cristallerie Royale de Champagne. The bottle's outstanding display is as spectacular as the content within it.

Founded over 200 years ago, A.E Dor has gained an impressive reputation for producing top-class Eau-de-vie. Beginning as a noble family-affair, eldest son Amédée-Edouard Dor embarked on a mission to find the truest hidden treasures of the Cognac. It is because of his dedication to capturing this exceptional essence that we have the pleasure of enjoying some wonderful Cognac’s today.

Honouring the revolutionary discoveries that still have utmost importance today, the Sign of Time Cognac captures the sheer brilliance of A.E Dor expertly. With pure extravagance in every single detail, this bottle impressively stamps a truly momentous occasion. A rare and old item, this is a breathtaking addition that will make its mark on any collection.

Presentation of the bottle 

150 years is celebrated in exquisite style with this exclusive creation. Made from the finest materials, this unique crystal bottle lies within a mahogany gift box that boasts levels of brilliance. The sphere, surrounded by a beautifully elegant structure makes this piece one that unapologetically stands out. The Magnificence covers every inch of the A.E Dor Sign of Time Cognac, from the imposing base structure to the elegantly exaggerated top.

How to enjoy 

One to mark an outstanding occasion, this Cognac is a bottle you are going to want to cherish. Creating an unmissable display, the A.E Dor Sign of Time will be the centerpiece of any collection. With its design as rare as its blend of Eau-de-vie, this Cognac is the master of impression.

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The vintage eaux-de-vie of A.E. Dor are one the few that are left from before phylloxera struck the region in 1874. Adapting to current developments in the cognac industry and the luxury market in general, the company, today headed by Jacques Riviere, have launched a new range of products that target a wider and more international group of consumers.

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