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Pasquet "L'Esprit de Famille" André Cognac

Hors d'Age

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Petite Champagne

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Pasquet Cognac

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Eye: A deep amber

Nose: Complex layers of peach, cherry blossom with leather and walnuts offering a well-rounded bouquet.

Palate: Suave and dense, with fruity notes of grape, fig, peach, cherry, marzipan with a spicy finish of white pepper and ginger.

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne

Petite Champagne


Family Values: a homage to André Bertandeau

Jean Luc Pasquet pays respects to Mr André Bertandeau with this Hors d'Age Cognac from the refined Petite Champagne region - the Pasquet "L'Esprit de Famille" André Cognac. Bertandeau was deported to Buchenwald during the Second World War, and was an important figure in the region of Cognac.

Spending 2 years in a concentration camp before being freed by Russians, his experience has resonated with many people in the region, who will never forget this great man's powerful story.

A war hero who was awarded the French Medal of Honor in 2016, Bertandeau was known as a winegrower with a big heart. His legacy has now been immortalized in the form of this Cognac by Pasquet, an elegant tribute using a beautiful blend of eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne cru. When André Bertandeau passed away, the entirety of his estate (along with his eaux-de-vie) was auctioned and the proceeds given to Action against Hunger and Doctors without Borders.

The Cognac itself presents beautifully fruity facets on both nose and palate. With complex layers of aromas and flavors. Juicy peach is balanced by the delicate floral bouquet of cherry blossom, balanced by earthier tones of leather and walnut to round out a sophisticated nose.

On the palate, bold bursts of grape, fig, peach and cherry combine with the nutty notes of almond past with a spicy finish of white pepper and ginger.

Presentation of the bottle

Labeled "André's Cognac" and emblazoned with the JLP signature stamp and hallmark of quality. This elegantly slim bottle is finished with a wax seal, reminiscent of the oak casks it is left to mature in. The wonderfully deep amber color of the Cognac reflects beautifully, accented with the hand-written effect labels that offer an insight into this Cognac's history of provenance.

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Deep amber in the light

I was lying alone on the sofa after dinner, and my daughter unknowingly took this bottle of cognac out of the liquor cabinet, and when I opened it, the whole house was filled with the special aroma of cognac. She said she opened a very special bottle of dark amber wine, it smelled so good, I quickly jumped up from the couch and took a look at the wine, it was indeed a very special wine and color, peach and floral aromas came to my nose, then the smell of the barrel emerged. I couldn't wait to pour it into the glass and take a sip, wow, divine mouthfeel, very pleasant, as “Cognac Expert ”said gentle and rich, with fruity notes of grape, fig, peach, cherry, little almond biscuits with spicy notes of white pepper and ginger, very special indeed. My daughter also took a sip, revealing a feminine and florid face. Great cognac!
Thank you for bringing a moment of pleasure!

Over Pasquet Cognac

The all-organic house of Cognac Pasquet perfectly strikes the balance between the warmth of family tradition, and innovative savoir-faire. In order to revive a plot of vines during the 1990s, the Pasquet family reached deep into their ancestral history for its organic farming methods. It was here that they found a beautiful equilibrium in the ecosystem of their vines, and in their Cognacs themselves. Awarded ‘Agriculture Biologique status’ in 1998, they haven’t looked back since; as they continue to craft small-batch Cognacs. With ranges such as ‘L’Organic’ and ‘Esprit de la Famille’, the Pasquet family ensures that every step of their Cognac production respects the environment. And the resulting Cognacs are something very special indeed…

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