Le Reviseur Extra Origin Cognac


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Petite Champagne

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Le Reviseur Cognac
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Tasting review by Le Reviseur:

Color: Old gold

Nose: Beautiful floral freshness with a hint of vegetables, evolving into spicy delicacy with cinnamon, rancio, & fruity notes in a syrup of quince.

Palate: Amazingly flexible with peach & apricot notes.  The finish is powerful, elegant, with a hint of resin & a wonderful honey finale


Le Reviseur Extra Origin Cognac is a truly exceptional blend created by Cellar Master, Chriistian Guerin.  Made solely from eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne terroir, it undergoes an extraordinarily long aging process allowing the alcohol content to develop naturally through time and the evaporation of 'The Angel's Share'.

This cask strength cognac is delightfully complex, yet natural and subtle.  It takes the drinker on a rolllercoaster ride of taste and aromas - definitely one to enjoy when you have time to appreciate  the journey.  A cognac that will appeal to the connoisseur.

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Very solid Extra quality

I really like Le Reviseur's EXTRA Cognac, I could talk about that balanced taste and finish.. but go taste it yourself and find out. One should mention that it's a Single Estate Cognac. That's pretty important to know because other houses may "just" buy from different vineyards in order to balance a blend - which is totally fine and normal. But it's a little harder to make great Cognac with limited resources.

Over Le Reviseur Cognac

Cognac Le Reviseur consists of a range of single estate cognacs and is part of the Abecassis group. Abecassis also includes the brands Cognac ABK6 and Cognac Leyrat. Particularly well known in Scandinavia, Le Reviseur cognacs are produced purely from fruit grown in the region of the Petite Champagne. The estate Le Reviseur originates from, known as Domaine du Maine Drilhon, covers 60 hectares in the heart of the region, and is part of the larger 250 hectare empire owned by Abecassis.

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