Jon Bertelsen Extra Orchestra Cognac


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Fins Bois

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Jon Bertelsen Cognac


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A golden hue, with an enticing depth.


Very round, with soft butter tones complemented by old, solid wood.


Rather round, with finer notes beneath the surface. A slight spicy finish makes for an exceptional Winter Cognac.

Groeigebied (Cru) & bodem: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Jon Bertelsen Extra Orchestra Cognac

An old eaux-de-vie from the fine Fins Bois region. Thanks to its adequately aged blend, the Cognac is aptly named Orchestra in honour of its tradition and sophistication. Produced from 100% Ugni Blanc grape variety, it is a prestigious choice embodying the essence of an exceptional Cognac.

Born from a house that holds the secret of fine quality to be the result of a strong aroma and character, the roundness of the Orchestra packs a potent punch. Kept pure without the addition of additives or chillfiltraion, it is a unique creation true to the heritage of Cognac. A rounded and full choice created with a prolific process.

Presentation of the bottle

A clean bottle beautifully displays the simplicity of the Orchestra. Proudly presenting elegance and sophistication, its essence is captured with clean white and copper type. A tall imposing bottle with a bold brass lid. History and modern elegance work in sublime synergy creating a finish as rounded as the blend of Cognac.

How to enjoy

Beautifully enjoyed on its own on a cosy winter night. Savour the soft tones of butter and warming spice as a post-dinner tipple. An exceptional way to warm the palate and offer heat to a cold night.

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Over Jon Bertelsen Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Cognac is a young modern cognac founded in 1999, which has at its core philosophy to stay true to nature's gifts and qualities. It is produced without additives or chillfiltration, using organic grapes from the Fins Bois region. Each vintage is kept pure and never gets blended, respecting every year's harvest and its weather conditions. Jon Bertelsen's secret is the quality of the wine, which, thanks to its extremely deep roots is very strong in aroma and character. The wine allows the cognac house to produce an exquisite cognac, ranging from a VSOP to vintage bottles.

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