Bernard Boutinet Coeur de Fins Bois Cognac

Fins Bois

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Bernard Boutinet Cognac
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Review of Boutinet Coeur de Fins Bois by the producer: "This Coeur de Fins Bois allows us to discover the authentic perfumes from the grapes, from the vines; the white flowers flavours."


The producer calls this cognac "unusual but exciting!". Bernard Boutinet Coeur de Fins Bois was aged in old casks, very old casks that no more tannin can be extracted during the process. Without the quantity of tannin and wood that makes a traditional Cognac. Bernard Boutinet offers this cognac in various sizes and presentations (75 cl, 70 cl and 5 cl miniatures).

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Over Bernard Boutinet Cognac

Boasting over two centuries of history and four generations of wine growers and producers, the house of Bernard Boutinet produces a range of cognacs to suit all palates. Located solely in the terroir of Fins Bois, this artisan estate sells its wares directly to the general public. Their brands are easily spotted by the use of the region’s ‘La Caleche’ emblem on the classic style labels that grace the front of all its bottles and decanters. Staying true to the traditional methods of creating the finest eaux-de-vie, Bernard Boutinet Cognac is regarded as a producer of a small but distinguished range of good quality cognacs.

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