Martell Very Old Pale Cognac 1960s


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Martell Cognac
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Private Seller from Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Stored in a dry place, up-right standing. All duties paid.

Condition: Everything seems fine. New and unopened.

Metal seal - in good condition

Fill level: Mid shoulder

LOT - 20211


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Come Fly With Me: An exclusive Martell Cognac from duty-free in the 60s 

It’s no secret that one of the best places to source the rarest and most beautiful bottles of eaux-de-vie is often in an airport’s duty-free section. This treasure is a Martell “Very Old Pale” from around 1962, and will have been crafted with a wonderful selection of blends from the finest growth areas - but particularly with those from the Borderies region.

This very Cognac has been on the market for over 50 years, and you will be investing in a bottle that is nearly 60 years in age. They have guessed the age based on the baggage tag, on which you can see the label. 

It even contains a baggage tag from Pan American World Airways - this collector’s item an international traveler itself. 

The story behind this collector’s bottle is really quite endearing. The seller’s grandfather traveled extensively for work as a physicist, and during one trip in the 1960s, passed through London Heathrow airport. It was here that they bought a six-pack of Martell Cognac - it truly was the drink of the moment. 

Her grandparents weren’t big drinkers, so they never got round to sampling some of the delicious nectar within - shame, really! It wasn’t until the seller found the bottles at the back of a bedroom closet decades later, that she realized the treasure in her hands. 

Martell is the oldest of the Big Four Cognac houses, having been established in 1715. Throughout its history, it has become renowned as a Cognac to sip on board a flight, on a cruise ship - or just about anywhere a little bit luxurious, really. It’s no wonder, then, that this bottle was purchased in London Heathrow. It certainly would have been the drink of the moment.

In fact, in 1977, passengers flying from Paris to New York on a Concorde jet at twice the speed of sound were sipping on... none other than Martell Cognac. 

Presentation of the bottle

What we really love about this bottle, is the vintage Martell logo that adorns the label. The label is in royal blue and white, and contains many small details that will make this a true collector’s item. 

This bottle is numbered 4/62. 

Text on the bottle

  • Martell Very Old Pale Cognac 
  • J. & F. Martell
  • Three stars across the label

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Over Martell Cognac

Martell is de oudste van de Grote Vier Cognac-huizen. Vergelijkbaar met Rémy Martin, maar dan nog een paar jaar ouder, vierde Martell een paar jaar geleden zijn 300-jarig bestaan. De geschiedenis van Martell & Co gaat terug tot 1715 toen Jean Martell het bedrijf oprichtte met de wens om enkel de hoogste kwaliteit in Cognac te produceren. Met de legendarische flessen Martell Cordon Bleu, de cuvée Martell Extra L'Or de Jean Martell en de recente Création Grand Extra uit 2007 heeft het bedrijf zich sterk ingeplant in de markt van de luxegoederen en staat bekend om het gebruik van grote hoeveelheden eaux-de-vie uit het Borderies terroir. Het behoort tot Pernod Ricard en heeft een omzet van ongeveer 15 miljoen liter per jaar. De meest kostbare eaux-de-vie, waarvan sommige dateren uit 1830, zijn opgeslagen op een geheime locatie in de kelders van Jean Martell - ongeveer 1,6 miljoen 9-liter kisten!


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