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The family history of Salignac leads back to the times of the Roman Empire. Only selected spirits guarantee the quality that even Winston Churchill or Harry Truman used to enjoy.

The seller purchased this bottle in Malta in 1966 and gave it to his mother. She kept it for a 'special occasion' that never happened so it came back to him when she passed away. 

Private Seller from United Kingdom. All duties paid.

Condition: Everythings seems fine. Stored In a dry place, upright standing, at room temperature.

Fill level: top shoulder

Bottle Size: 700ml


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Over Salignac Cognac

The brand of Salignac Cognac is now owned by Courvoisier, and is a cognac that helped Courvoisier to remain stable throughout the global crisis, returning to growth in 2010. Salignac Cognac is younger and slightly less expensive than the famous Courvoisier brand. However, it is possible to find some extremely old Salignac cognacs dating back to the mid-1800s that can command high prices.

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