André Petit Cognac Tasting Set


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Andre Petit Cognac
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André Petit VS

Eye: Rich, bright golden amber.

Nose: A harmonious, floral nose.

Palate: Although very young, it's already very harmonious. The vanilla and floral aromas of young Cognac are enriched with the flavors of wood. There is a touch of rancio, but not too much.

André Petit VSOP

Eye: Reddish color.

Nose: A clear presence of vanilla pod.

Palate: The vanilla pods continues, along with floral hints, some sweet and some woody spice. The richer quality imparted from the older casks perfectly balance the lighter flavors of the new barrels.

André Petit XO

Eye: Reddish amber.

Nose: A delicate bouquet with incredible complexity. The rancio intermingles with the aromas of earthy undergrowth, vanilla and old prune.

Palate: On the palate, discover the pleasure of a prestigious Cognac that is superbly round and smooth. The rancio is certainly apparent. It is smooth, yet vivacious.


A Trifecta of Alchemy: The André Petit Cognac Tasting Set

It’s possible to taste all of the finest treasures of the André Petit Cognac house, with their very own Tasting Set. A selection of three 20cl bottles, enjoy the delights of the André Petit XO, VSOP and the VS Cognacs. These three Cognacs offer a fantastic introduction into the wonders of this familial Cognac house, of which has been passed down from father to son for generations.

1. The youngest of the trio is the Andre Petit VS. The producer describes it as a Cognac that is enjoyable for people who are new to the world of Cognac, with balanced aromas of flowers and a touch of wood. It is for those that are seeking a fitting introduction to this vast and fascinating world of eaux-de-vie.

2. Next is the Andre Petit VSOP Cognac, which is an excellent quality VSOP to own, and one that represents good value for money. It is a mellow Cognac with vanilla aromas from the old wooden casks - and is beautifully delicate. Although it is classified as a VSOP, the youngest element of the blend is 8 years old, and it reaches up to 15 years of age. It is a multi-cru Cognac with grapes grown in different areas of the Cognac region, but is predominantly composed of Bon Bois eaux-de-vie.

3. The third, and eldest of the trio is the André Petit XO. If you're new to this Cognac house, this would be a wonderful introduction. It is composed of eaux-de-vie that have been aged for around 25 years on average. Made with grapes grown in the Bon Bois terroir, it is complex, round, smooth, and has a wonderful taste of rancio.

Family, tradition, and quality are what the house of Andre Petit stand for, and it really is apparent when it comes to this trio. The current Cellar Master, Jacques Petit, has carefully assembled each of these Cognacs by dipping into the stocks of his father and grandfather. These Cognacs has been produced following very old methods. The grapes are harvested by hand and distilled following the teachings of his grandparents.

In the distillation, they do not use any machines to separate alcohol - they trust their noses alone. This family producer are wine growers who develop Cognacs with a pronounced style following their feelings and tastes. They have been aged in newer barrels, and then transferred to older barrels.

Presentation of the bottles

The set of three 20cl Cognacs arrive in traditional tasting bottles, and with a classic yet timeless label.

How to enjoy

These Cognacs are extremely versatile. Enjoy them as a dégustation one by one in a tasting glass at room temperature, or alternatively you can enjoy them over ice or in a long drink. We recommend trying each side by side, and be taken on a full tasting journey of this Cognac house.

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Over Andre Petit Cognac

This small family-run cognac producer from Berneuil insists that their cognac is not merely of standard quality. This can be validated by the fact that the Petit family works with traditional methods handed down form their grandparents and harvest the grapes manually. This is almost extinct in the cognac industry due to growing demand and the production of high quantities. André Petit came to some sort of fame in the industry by stopping their contract with Hennessy in the 1960s and deciding to produce themselves. Like many small producers from the Cognac region, they also specialize in the making of Pineau des Charentes.  

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