Maison Boinaud

Maison Boinaud

Since the 17th Century, the Boinaud family has been established in the Grande Champagne region, where they have tended the grapevines and enjoyed the fruits of the land, generation after generation. In the 1940s, the ambitious Michel Boinaud established a distillery after he inherited a small parcel of land and a family still - and now, his grandsons Charles and Rémi carry on the legacy with an impressive 420-hectare estate, over 40 Charentais stills and even their own cooperage. Including brands such as J. Dupont and De Luze Cognac, they are able to bring Grand Champagne Cognac to people all around the world - 52 countries, to be precise. 

Visiting Maison Boinaud 

Several tours are available, Mon-Fri 10:30-14:30. 

Please contact the producer beforehand for more information on safety restrictions and to book.

Phone: +33 5 4583 7272


Bezoek Maison Boinaud: 140 Rue de la Bonne Chauffe, 16130 Angeac-Champagne , Angeac-Champagne


Keeping it in the Family

Representing the 24th generation of the Boinaud family, Charles and Rémi Boinaud have no intentions of stopping anytime soon. In 2016, when they took over the running of the family estate of 420 hectares in the Angeac-Champagne region, in the heart of Grande Champagne, they followed in the footsteps of their forefathers who have worked on this estate since 1640.  However, it was their grandfather, Michel Boinaud, who truly inspired them - as it was with his boldness, conviction and perseverance that the family gained further hectares and the Boinaud distillery was established.

Part of the family portfolio is also the brands De Luze Cognac and J. Dupont Cognac, acquired by Xavier and Eric Boinaud, the fathers of Charles and Rémi. 

The History of Maison Boinaud

Although the family had been well-established for centuries in the Angeac-Champagne region, it was Michel Boinaud, the 22nd descendant of Jean Bois-Naud, who founded the family business. His career as a distiller began in 1940 during the Second World War - when Michel was only 15 years old. It was during these troubled times that he fired up two stills in order to distil the wines from the vineyard and help his family. Seven years later, he inherited 5 hectares of vineyards and one of the stills, giving him the opportunity to set up a business of his own. Since then, Maison Boinaud has grown considerably - not only in terms of acreage, but also capacity: with no less than 41 Charentais stills in their possession, this is now the biggest family-run distillery in the region.

However, regardless of their size, the soul of this Maison is truly the vines that stretch across the hillsides of Grand Champagne. From growing their own grapes to making their own barrels, distilling their eaux-de-vie on the lees and maturing Cognac in ancient Charentais cellars, this is a producer that honors the traditions of the past and never lets go of the wisdom that has been passed down from father to son. 

From the vine to the glass, from the first growth to the experience of tasting, the Boinaud family control every process and focus on a meticulous approach - just like their ancestors did. 

Heading Into the Future

While they have only been at the helm for a few years, Charles and Rémi are as focused on the future as they are on the present. Not content with sitting back, they are busy passing on their love of Cognac and fine spirits to their own sons and daughters. In this way, they are not the owners of this estate; they merely borrow it from the next generation. Their family business is always a work in progress, always evolving, and always looking to the future… Even if they do so by taking inspiration from the past. 

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