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Armagnac Jean Cavé 25 Ans Gamme Compte d’Age

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Eye: Antique amber.

Nose: Aromatic and powerful. Notes of orange zest, sandalwood and dried rose slowly develop into distinct caramel and violet.

Palate: Fruity and balanced with fantastic roundness and finesse. Marmalade and Mirabelle plums are accompanied by warm pastries and toffee. Truly a gluttonous, sumptuous Armagnac. 


Armagnac Jean Cavé 25 Ans Gamme Compte d’Age: Lively but Refined

The Armagnac Jean Cavé 25 Ans Gamme Compte d’Age is a rich and flavorful Armagnac, traditionally distilled in a continuous copper still and subsequently aged for 25 years in French oak. The wood used for these casks is a particular wide-grained variety found in the Gascon forest, which has been toasted to a medium char to develop its sweetness and tannins perfectly. Allowing for accelerated movement of the spirit in and out of the wood, the grain texture of the casks help create a great depth of flavor in the final product. 

Armagnac is a grape brandy produced in the Gascony region of south-west France, between the Adour and Garonne rivers by the foothills of the Pyrenees, as it has been since at least the 15th century. The terroir here is a mixture of sand and clay, spread across rolling hills drenched in sunshine during the long summer; the dry Ugni Blanc grapes grown here produce powerful and rustic eaux-de-vie with concentrated flavors. The blending of an Armagnac is a delicate process, undertaken by the Cellar Master who identifies the subtle combinations that best complement each other. The number on the bottle indicates the youngest Armagnac in a blend.  

As well as blending casks, the Cellar Master at Jean Cavé takes charge of alcohol reduction by adding ‘petites eaux’ (little waters), a blend of Armagnac and distilled water. In order to preserve the most delicate characteristics of the eaux-de-vie, it is vital to closely monitor the cellar environment. The cellars at Maison Jean Cavé benefit from stable humidity and temperatures thanks to an ancient waterway that passes under the floor; with this advantage, in summer as in winter, the casks here can rely on steady maturation. Each release is bottled in the cellar, which means you taste the purest expression of this estate with every drop. 

The team at Jean Cavé work to the principles of Henri Cavé, the fourth generation of the family.  With years of skill and passion behind them, they are the guarantors of the estate, making sure that their Armagnacs are made the same way as they were over a century ago. Today, with one hundred and thirty years of tradition passed down, they maintain a range of stock that comprises very old as well as young Armagnacs and blends.

Presentation of the Bottle

Shown in a stunning apothecary-style bottle, the design of this release is strikingly modern. The detailed packaging includes metallic labels, including an oversized label on the neck, a large natural cork stopper, a luggage tag and embossed glass emblem. This is a truly impressive range that is sure to turn heads. 

How to Serve Armagnac Jean Cavé 25 Ans 

We recommend serving this elegant aged Armagnac as a digestif, and its notes of plum and violet would pair particularly well with fruity desserts for a lively tasting experience. Pour into a tulip glass, but allow the spirit to rest for up to a minute before taking a sip - this will allow the aromas to fully develop. 

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